In Siberia, volunteers wage war on wildfires with

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In Siberia, volunteers wage war on wildfires with shovels and saws - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The little domed tents of the volunteer firefighters in the clearing of a Siberian forest can be hard to see — even from only a few steps away — because of the choking smokeThe cycle of birth and death.. Their shovels and saws seem to be tiny tools against the vast blazeextraordinary measures, like toy weapons brought to a war.

But their love of the vast and wild region is a powerful motivator in a summer of sprawling fires that might become Russia’s worst ever.

As of Monday, about 1The midst of a brutal third wave. Wit.88 million hectares (4.6 million acres) of forest were burning in Russia — an area larger than the U.S. state of Connecticut.

More than 5,000 regular firefighters are involved, but the scale is so large and the area is so enormous that 55% of the fires aren’t being fought at all, according to Avialesookhrana, the agency that oversees the effort.

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