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Compressed air energy storage technology has a broad application prospect in power system

1) peak shaving and valley filling. The single unit capacity of the centralized large-scale caes power station can reach the order of 100 megawatts, and the power generation time can reach several hours. It can absorb surplus power when the load of the power system is low, and feed electricity when the load is peak, playing the role of "cutting peak and filling valley", so as to promote the economic operation of the power system. And clamp

2) absorb new energy. The capacity configuration of decentralized caes power station is from a few megawatts to dozens of megawatts, which can be built together with photovoltaic power stations, wind farms, small hydropower stations and other supporting facilities to store intermittent renewable energy and release it during the peak period of power consumption, so as to alleviate the current dilemma of wind, light and water abandonment

3) build an independent power system. Caes can also be used in power systems in special occasions such as deserts, mountains and islands. Such areas have special needs for the service life and environmental protection of energy storage systems. In this case, if combined with clean energy such as wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation and tidal power generation, and combined with the characteristics of CCHP of non afterburning caes, it is expected to transform, change and innovate the construction of a low-carbon and environmental friendly CCHP independent power system

4) emergency standby power supply. Since the non afterburning caes technology is not limited by external power, fuel supply and other conditions, for power emergencies such as power failure caused by ice disaster, the proper use of ordinary belts of this technology will ensure the normal operation of important load units such as government agencies, military facilities, hospitals and so on

5) auxiliary functions. Compressed air energy storage has a synchronous power generation system with adjustable power and voltage, and has a rapid response. Its extensive application can increase the rotating reserve and reactive power support capacity of the entire power system, and improve the power quality and safety and stability level of the system

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