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The application prospect of aluminum silver paste in the future high-end color masterbatch

the full name of color master batch is called color masterbatch, and if the pressure resistance strength of non-standard state test can reach the safety pressure resistance standard, it is called color seed. It is a new special colorant for polymer materials, also known as pigment preparation. Color masterbatch is mainly used in plastics. Color masterbatch is composed of three basic elements: pigment or dye, carrier and additive. It is an aggregate made by uniformly loading super constant pigment into resin. It can be called pigment concentration, so its coloring power is higher than that of the pigment itself. When processing, a small amount of colored masterbatch and uncolored resin are mixed to achieve the designed pigment concentration of colored resin or products

in recent years, with the progress of aluminum silver paste technology and people's pursuit of color, the application of color masterbatch has made great progress, but at present, it is still in a very low-end application in the market, mainly focusing on very cheap products, such as adhesives, tapes and films

in which direction will the application of Color Masterbatch develop in the future? I want to make paint. Everyone knows that the change of national policy will make paint more and more difficult, and many applications such as plastic paint will gradually withdraw from the market. However, such as car bumpers, electric vehicle components, shells, home appliance shells, etc., all need to be sprayed with metallic paint. How to replace the original spraying is a trend of future research

Silver Arrow aluminum silver paste and Samsung Electronics jointly developed a high-end color masterbatch application that can replace spraying. The basic principle is that aluminum silver paste is directly mixed into plastic particles, which are melted at high temperature and molded at one time. In this way, the plastic parts produced can be directly used in automobile assembly and other processes, reducing the spraying process. Such process is the application of killing two birds with one stone, which not only reduces the pollution of paint manufacturing and production, but also greatly reduces the manufacturing cost, and shows a downward trend in the comprehensive cost. This kind of application is not only suitable for silver, but also for other colors

in the future, the market will develop more and more in the direction of environmental protection, high efficiency and human protection. Such a trend will inevitably lead to a sharp decline in the use of paint. In addition to the use of water-based paint, another application is the advanced technology and equipment that ensure the progressiveness of its products and the monopoly position in the market. High end color masterbatch applications, such as ours, have accurate central control, but models below 10kN are the most frequently used in plastic The application method of reliable silver arrow directly reduces the production of color masterbatch and the direct injection molding of aluminum silver paste and plastic particles. This process reduces several processes and directly reduces pollution

the shell produced by such applications is more solid, corrosion resistance is enhanced, and does not change color. It can be replaced directly after damage, saving cost and labor. I think there will be more and more applications in the future. Who will go faster in the application of high-end color masterbatch of aluminum silver paste will occupy a larger market in the future

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