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Turk won the two awards of "2020 digital manufacturing excellence brand" and "2020 digital marketing pioneer"

at the beginning of 2021, as a domestic industrial interconnection platform with great communication and guidance, iianews has a variety of annual innovation selection activities recently announced. With its excellent performance in brand strategy in the Chinese market, Turk won the unanimous recognition of the organizing committee, stood out from the nearly 400 automation enterprises recommended to participate in the evaluation, won the 2020 digital manufacturing excellence brand award, and ushered in the opening year award of the industry

at the same time, in the 2020 digital camp, which makes it the first choice among all coatings with low discoloration, Mr. Liao Lingzhi, vice president of Turck (Tianjin) sensor Co., Ltd., was also listed as an outstanding digital marketing figure due to his market insight and bold development in digital marketing

the selection lasted for two months. Based on fair data research and transparent selection mechanism, the organizing committee composed of dozens of "industry experts and industry users conducted strict evaluation and layer by layer selection, and comprehensively investigated the six dimensions of the enterprise in the Chinese market, including its comprehensive strength, brand influence, technological breakthrough, growth speed, industry contribution and user popularity. Its gold content is self-evident

Digital Innovation: the pioneer of industry 4.0 and iiot

as a leader in the field of intelligent sensor technology and distributed automation that can also be equipped with ordinary computers, Turk not only brings intelligence to the machine, but also ensures the reliable detection, transmission and processing of production data (from sensors to the cloud). Turk not only has flexible i/o solutions and rich automation production lines, but also provides user-friendly software and services

through distributed intelligent solutions, Turk can help users replace machine data with valuable parameter information, and can directionally and safely apply parameters, process values or status information to production, thus paving the way for efficient production, logistics and supply chain management

The sudden attack of the epidemic in 2020 has made more and more manufacturing enterprises realize the importance of industrial automation transformation and upgrading. Adhering to the original intention of boosting the digital transformation of Chinese enterprises, the tour of Turk national factory digital upgrading seminar has entered its fourth year, and has gradually penetrated into many central and western industrial regions. Moreover, the launch of Turk's new column Digital Innovation Park () also allows users who cannot share Turk's solutions on site to quickly understand our new solutions and have in-depth exchanges with our technical experts through online lectures

from offline to online, Turk will continue to optimize the construction and dissemination of brands, strengthen communication with users through all-round digital channels, help more and more users build iiot ecosystem and cloud based service solutions for future smart factories, and open up a new journey to industry 4.0 and iiot

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