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Turkey kermel developed aromatic polyamide argon amine fiber

after years of research, kermel company recently developed a new kermel tech aromatic polyamide argon amine fiber

the researchers said that this aromatic polyamide argon amine fiber has the following characteristics in application:

1. The continuous use temperature can reach 200 degrees, and its high temperature resistance is 15% higher than that of similar fibers

2. The maximum operating temperature can reach 240 ℃

3. It has high acid resistance (such as sulfuric acid) and chemical corrosion resistance

4. The fiber has very high strength, toughness and tensile strength, which is especially suitable for needled objects (such as making filter felt). After cleaning with this filter bag, it can still be recycled, but it will not cause damage to the filter bag, because the ability of this fiber to resist mechanical pressure was very high in 2012, and there was obvious deformation and then fracture before reaching the maximum load Pb

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