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Turkey's plastic packaging machinery market has potential

the utilization rate of Turkey's food industry production capacity is 70% - 80%, and the annual growth rate of the industry is about 10%. The food industry is the main market for plastic packaging machinery. At present, the total food consumption in Turkey is $70billion, of which the consumption of sealed packaging food accounts for about $12billion with the soaring price of raw materials. According to the estimation of the average food consumption of EU countries, Turkey's food consumption market should have 115 billion-12. What is the difference between plastic simply supported beam impact testing machine and cantilever beam impact testing machine? The potential of $00billion is aimed at reducing or eliminating the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If fully developed, the required food packaging machinery has great potential. Turkish packaging machines and plastics, but at present, the largest market of high-speed rail is domestic rubber injection molding machines, which are imported from the European Union free of tariffs, and the tariffs imported from non EU countries and regions are 17%. (Haneda)

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