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TUV Rheinland Shenzhen new office building launched the practice of low-carbon green action on November 11, 2011, Shenzhen - the world-renowned testing and certification agency TUV Rheinland Group held the first opening ceremony of a new office building with the theme of "imagine the future, turn green and become low-carbon" in Shenzhen. Mr. Scheler, CEO and President of TUV Rheinland Greater China, and Mr. wenhaug, vice president, presided over the opening ceremony and accompanied the guests to visit the 7000 square meter testing complex. The official opening of the new office building of TUV Rheinland in Shenzhen marks an important milestone in the twenty-five years since TUV Rheinland took root in Greater China. It also shows the group's full support for China's low-carbon economic development strategy. As a factory owner who has been struggling in the steel industry in Dongguan for many years

from left to right in the figure are: quhaifeng, deputy director of Shenzhen entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Mr. wenhaug, vice president of TUV Greater China, Mr. Xuele, CEO and President, Mr. SHENGFEI, director of the accreditation Department of China National Certification and Accreditation Administration, Mr. luberken, vice president of TUV greater China, Wolfgang Kessler, Vice Consul of the German Consulate General in Guangzhou Lu Jian, deputy director of Shenzhen Science, technology, industry, trade and Information Technology Commission, Mr. He Shideng, director of electronic and electrical products service of TUV Rheinland Greater China, Dr. Zhong Weike, deputy director of the ball screw deputy rotation detection center driven by Panasonic exchange servo machine with high speed regulation accuracy, wide range and stable performance through the synchronous toothed belt deceleration system, textile of TUV Rheinland Greater China Mr. Xun Hailu, director of toys and chemical services

the important guests who participated in the ceremony that the traditional method caused the material R & D cycle to be too long were Mr. Sheng Fei, director of the accreditation Department of China National Certification and Accreditation Administration Commission, Mr. Liu Shengming, chairman of China Inspection and Certification Group, Lu Jian, deputy director of Shenzhen Science, technology, industry, trade and Information Technology Commission Dr. Zhong Weike, deputy director of the comprehensive testing center of the Chinese Academy of inspection and quarantine, and other relevant government officials

caring about the earth is our mission: in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions brought by this event and show the commitment of TUV Rheinland to environmental protection, the opening ceremony adopts the form of daytime and outdoor activities, which can significantly reduce the use of electricity. Mr. Lin Qihuan, senior auditor of TUV Greater China management system service department in Germany, and his team members evaluated the arrangement of the whole activity according to the international standards for carbon footprint calculation. The calculation scope covers the power consumption of the event, staff activities, VIP and staff transportation and external services. Finally, it is measured that a total of 25 tons of carbon dioxide are emitted from this event. According to the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions of this activity, the purchase of carbon reduction quota has been carried out, and finally carbon offset has been realized

in addition, Ms. Wang Yunhui, director of key customer service of Lenovo Group, also took this opportunity to issue the green certification mark of asset recovery service (ARS) to TUV in Rhine, Germany. In July this year, TUV Rheinland signed a green it strategic cooperation agreement with Lenovo Group. According to the agreement, Lenovo Group will provide environmental protection recycling services for TUV Rheinland's IT assets, covering all regions of Chinese Mainland. At the same time, TUV Rheinland also provides renewable material verification services for many electronic product recycling suppliers. The verification includes a number of services, such as chemical analysis, carbon footprint assessment, as well as the verification of recycled material system and environmental protection labels, degradable materials and product certification. Since the beginning of this cooperation, Lenovo Group will work with TUV Rheinland in Germany to jointly advocate the concept of green it, play a benchmarking role, and drive peers and the public to actively participate in environmental protection actions

in order to further fulfill the promise of sustainable development of the group's brand, TUV Rheinland has been promoting green solutions globally since last year, and has set up a special team to fully focus on environmental related services and projects. At present, we are constantly promoting investment in energy-saving and efficiency enhancing technologies and renewable energy. The launching ceremony of the first low-carbon new office building held in Shenzhen is an action to show that 'we practice what we spread'. Mr. wenhaug, vice president of TUV China and executive director of TUV South China, mentioned in his speech

since November, 2011, the comprehensive office building of Shenzhen company has been fully put into operation. It is one of the most complete consumer goods safety testing centers in South China. It has many product testing laboratories for food, ergonomics, visual displays, electronics and appliances, chemistry, toys, textiles and footwear, materials, etc., which can carry out chemical analysis, electrical safety, applicability, physical and mechanical tests. The establishment of the new comprehensive building has greatly improved the communication efficiency between service personnel and customers, shortened the project cycle, and provided customers with a comprehensive one-stop solution. The new building is located near Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway, which is convenient for the exchanges between cities. We can not only provide convenient services for Shenzhen enterprises, but also more quickly radiate resources and services to other cities in the Pearl River Delta region

about TUV Rheinland Greater China

TUV Rheinland Group, as an internationally renowned independent third-party inspection and certification organization, has nearly 140 years of experience, has 500 service bases in 61 countries on five continents, and has more than 14500 employees worldwide, which can provide the service support required by global customers. TUV Rheinland has about 2500 employees in Greater China, and its service scope includes: Industrial and energy services, electronic and electrical product testing, communication testing, chemical testing, food safety testing, ergonomics of low emission materials, system management and other testing and certification services. TUV Rheinland has always been known for its rigorous and high-quality testing and certification services, and provides various professional evaluations from an impartial and independent perspective to provide local enterprises with high-quality services and solutions that meet safety, quality and environmental protection

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