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Sustainable development is not just the recycling of packaging

Kimberly Clark professional (KCP) launched a new global campaign to convince customers that sustainability is not just the packaging of a product

because KCP toilet products provide commercial and industrial facilities, such as offices, schools, hotels, and then allocate costs according to the performers of the activities, the factory and the 'reduce today, respect tomorrow' activity aims to illustrate the importance of looking at the whole product

due to the KCP spokesperson's view that packaging funds occupy a large number of customers, 100% recycled cardboard is always the best and activity, while other factors in the development of sustainable products are played

this is a complex problem, not just recycling packaging, but other things such as water and energy consumption compared with petroleum based high molecular materials and the amount of waste generated by too much, she said

we are innovating with our products. For example, a more absorbent wipe means you use less. This is beneficial to the environment and the buyer. We want to know the choice of our customers as a brand

because the brands of KCP include Shujie, Scott, kimcare and wypall

because KCP reduces the source in an environmentally friendly way, or designs products to eliminate the possible waste from the beginning, its pressure value or tension value is always changing. If less is consumed first, it often means less packaging waste, further reducing the amount of waste and transporting it to landfills, the company said in a statement

the company is considering redesigning its products to adapt to the situation and loading more units. It is also redesigned, such as coreless standard Scott roll toilet paper, which can eliminate the core and paper packaging, reducing packaging waste products by 55%

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