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"Sustainable development" became a key word in the paint industry

"sustainable development" became a key word in the paint industry

December 8, 2008

[China paint information] from November 26 to 28, 2008, China International paint exhibition was grandly held in Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangzhou. Many international paint giants such as DSM, Dow, Huntsman, BASF, Rohm Haas, etc. appeared at the exhibition, The president of an international brand in China said in a high profile, "we are committed to sustainable development in China. Green and environmentally friendly processes and materials will be the future direction of global development and an indispensable element of China's development." Looking at the whole coating exhibition, sustainable development, environmental protection, energy conservation and green are undoubtedly the most important keywords of this exhibition

DSM focuses on water-based resin technology

DSM, a professional company in materials science and life sciences from the Netherlands, showed a series of resin technologies in the field of paint and coating applications at the exhibition, including a series of new products launched for the Chinese market to promote solutions for sustainable paint development. For example, the application of its latest water-based acrylic resin in water-based coatings can ensure that the coatings do not contain volatile organic compounds or solvents, such as VOC, etc. at the same time, the coatings also have good gloss, durability and scratch resistance

it is reported that it has recently invested 20million euros to build a new production line dedicated to the production of water-based resins in the factory of dsmsyntech in Guangdong

Dow paint planning green paint development blueprint

the appearance of Dow paint with a sales volume of $54billion in 2007 at the exhibition also attracted the attention of the industry. As a brand-new market-oriented business unit of Dow Chemical Company, Dow paint application division showed its series of innovative technological achievements in the past year at this exhibition, providing product development blueprints for formulation designers who are interested in developing sustainable paint products and green environmental protection coatings

it is understood that from the beginning of its establishment, Dow paint application division has focused on four main innovation themes: improving environmental durability, reducing the negative impact of coatings on the environment, reducing life cycle and production costs, and using the opinions to reveal and promote the research and development of intelligent coatings. It is reported that its newly developed modified acrylic lotion, especially designed for exterior wall paint and coating formulation, can effectively improve the properties of the product, such as stain resistance, crack resistance and elasticity; The renuva renewable resource technology developed by it is suitable for the production of natural oil-based polyols, and can produce paint products with high reproducibility and excellent coverage performance when the workpiece is large

huntsman launched universal titanium dioxide pigments

as a global manufacturer and distributor of products covering nearly 20 fields such as coatings, aviation, textiles, furniture, etc., hunts-man has been engaged in titanium dioxide, such as the pigment of valve hydraulic testing machine, which is used to test valves, for more than 70 years. This time, its tioxide? Tr88 pigment is specially developed for the market of waterborne indoor and outdoor decorative coatings

it is reported that it is a new type of universal titanium dioxide, which can be used in low VOC formulas, including high-quality semi gloss and matte emulsion paint for indoor use, wood gloss paint for outdoor use and masonry construction paint, and can provide excellent color, hiding power and customized 3D printer with three printheads

Celanese environmental protection lotion strives to improve the health performance of Asian coatings

as a global leading enterprise in the chemical industry, the polymer lotion division of Celanese introduced ecovaetm lotion, a low odor, low VOC interior decoration coating, to Asia at this exhibition

it is understood that the innovative environmental protection lotion launched by Celanese company this time will be of great significance in changing Asian residential and architectural coatings, and will be a powerful guarantee for the health of family members and painting workers. Wu Xianliang, Asia Pacific Business Director of Celanese lotion department, introduced that the three products launched this year are developed for the specific conditions of Asian countries, mainly including three models:

ecovaetm1603, a general film-forming agent for low gloss coatings; Ecovaetm1608, suitable for preparing freeze-thaw stable coatings; Ecovaetm1630, semi gloss paint for doors, windows and decorative components. The synthesis process of all ecovaetm lotion does not contain APEO (alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether), and provides the advantage of scrub resistance for interior decorative coatings. These three models of products can provide formula designers with the ability to develop environmental friendly coatings, and meet the characteristics requirements of high-performance coatings at the same time

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