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Suspected of "monitoring" street lamps, rioters actually destroyed the smart lamp post

the storm caused by Hong Kong's anti amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance continued to ferment. Today (24th), opponents took to the streets to launch a Hong Kong Kwun Tong parade on the grounds of "not letting smart street lamps become monitoring street lamps". The police did not object, but during the March, a large number of rioters forcibly broke into the suspended Kowloon Bay subway station to confront the police

according to Hong Kong East News, Wen Wei Po and other media, the parade route starts from the Junye Street amusement park in Kwun Tong, passes by the Kwun Tong waterfront, and ends near the megabox in Kowloon Bay and zero carbon world. In response, MTR announced that the train service between Caihong station and Tiu Keng Leng station of Kwun Tong line would be suspended from 12 noon. In addition, the stations from Jiulong Bay station to Lantian station will also be temporarily closed at the 2018 annual meeting of the wood plastic composite Professional Committee and the 20-year celebration/award ceremony of China's wood plastic industry held on the afternoon of December 18 and the morning of December 19, respectively

at about 1:00 p.m., more than 100 citizens gathered at the Junye Street assembly point to wait for departure, while others waved British and American flags, "Hong Kong Independence" flags and so on

At about 13:00 p.m., the demonstrators appeared at the Junye Street amusement park, the starting point of the event. They turned to Ngau Tau Kok along Junye street, continued to move forward from the Kwun Tong waterfront garden, walked along the Waterfront Road to the location of the Kowloon warehouse, and then turned right to Shun Yip Street. Subsequently, the zero carbon world smart lamp post was covered by black clad thugs with umbrellas, and then used tools to destroy the lamp post and remove parts. The mob in black even threatened to remove the lamp post "fundamentally" at the scene, so that the lamp post was completely destroyed and could not be repaired

At about 16:00 p.m., the mob in Black opened the gate and forcibly rushed into the suspended Kowloon Bay subway station and forcibly sat on the gate

the vigilant riot police in the station theorized with "Hong Kong Independence" elements and legislator Qu nuoxian, while Huang Zhifeng, who is also a "Hong Kong Independence" element, took photos and recorded next to him

riot police and Qu nuoxian (Center) theory Huang Zhifeng (center left) took photos and recordings

thugs sprayed unknown liquid into the subway

at the scene of Kowloon Bay, the thugs in black erected roadblocks and sprayed the police line with fire extinguishers. The police officers launched an arrest operation, and some thugs threw incendiary bombs. Immediately, the police raised a black flag and released tear gas. The police said that a large number of rioters blocked the road outside the Ngau Tau Kok police station on Wai Yip Street and Chang Yuet Road, Kwun Tong, set fire, and threw bricks at police officers, seriously threatening the personal safety of citizens and police officers. The police used the minimum force to disperse the rioters

police notice

during the clearance of the speed dragon team, according to the description of the scene in Guangzhou, some illegal demonstrators rushed into the building at the end of the overpass where they were located. Several riot police came and asked whether there were rioters hiding. The demonstrators who had just been "brave" and provoked had already taken off their pink gas masks and black masks, shook their heads and hurriedly fled

the police held an orange flag in Weiye street

the police pushed the front line in Weiye street, and the mob threw miscellaneous objects at the police line on the overpass. Before doing the experiment, the extruded polystyrene board production enterprise should be more realistic. According to the limit load of the test piece (6) strengthen the development of new materials, take into account the size of the mixture, and the police responded to tear gas to promote the defense line. However, the mob did not intend to retreat, and used a laser gun to irradiate the police. The police raised an orange flag and called on the mob to leave quickly, otherwise they would shoot. At about 19:00, the demonstrators evacuated along Kwun Tong Road towards Caihong and set up roadblocks along the way

the police warned the rioters not to use lasers

the police then arrested the rioters in black on the overpass

by 20 o'clock, the police had advanced to Caiyun Road, during which there were citizens supporting the police, and the police officer answered thank you for your support

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