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The survey shows that simplified packaging design may help smokers quit smoking

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core tip: two years after the introduction of the law on simple packaging of cigarettes, an international smoking ban survey organized by four countries showed that only in terms of the figures of Australia, 49% of the smokers interviewed supported simple packaging methods, and only 34.7% opposed it

[China Packaging News] it is reported that a new survey shows that more smokers support the law of simple packaging of cigarettes, which is an important cultural change

two years after the introduction of the law on simple packaging of cigarettes, an international anti smoking survey organized by a four country organization showed that in terms of the figures of Australia alone, 49% of the smokers interviewed supported simple packaging methods, and only 34.7% opposed them

since December 2012, Australia has stipulated that cigarettes must be simply packaged. Before the implementation of this law, only 28.2% of smokers surveyed supported this measure

Dr. Ron pauland, one of the Research Report leaders of the cancer Commission in Victoria, Australia, said that because this means that the world's first unproven law has been widely accepted, this survey result is very important. "Because if people hate a law very much, there will be great resistance in the implementation process, so this result is very important. I think smokers will feel uneasy about the concept of simple packaging to some extent, and think it will have a bad impact on them."

Dr. Baolan believes that simple packaging, hazy brownish green, less obvious company trademarks and obvious health warnings together create an optimal effect of good heat resistance, good chemical resistance and radiation performance, and comprehensive mechanical properties such as flame retardancy, stiffness, strength, toughness, creep, wear and tear. Health warnings give smokers more warning effects, make it easier for them to quit smoking, and make them less likely to smoke again after quitting smoking. He said, "if you smoke again, you will see the warning signs of cigarettes again. You will remember the reasons when you quit smoking, which will remind you to stop smoking."

but Scott mclntyre, a spokesman for British American Tobacco Australia, said that simple packaging was a "failed experiment" and did not achieve the expected goal. "The person in charge of the survey admitted that the survey could not directly show that smoking cessation had increased," he said "We have data that shows that in the first year of the implementation of the law, cigarette sales in Australia increased for the first time in a decade."

earlier this year, the data of the Ministry of Finance showed that compared with 2012, the sales of cigarettes with an investment of 500million yuan in phase I of Xiangzhong in 2013 decreased by 3.4%. However, a data analysis conducted by British American tobacco group showed that cigarette sales increased by 0.3%. Before the law was implemented, cigarette sales fell for four consecutive years

Dr. Baolan said that other surveys conducted by tobacco companies pointed out that the turnover last year was 50million yuan, and the simple packaging of cigarettes had no impact on cigarette sales. "However, just removing the color from the package will not change the status quo. No one will believe this." He said that the impact of simple packaging of cigarettes on reducing smoking rates will not be seen until many years later. "Most of the advantages of simplified packaging lie in reducing the real smoking behavior of children who have the idea of smoking. This is difficult to show in the survey results."

the survey was carried out after France announced that, like Britain and Ireland, the law on simplified packaging of cigarettes was implemented. France is one of the countries with the largest number of smokers in Europe. The move is to reduce the number of smokers

according to the cancer Commission, smokers in Victoria account for 13.3% of the state's population, which is the lowest number since the collection of this information in 1998. In 1998, smokers in Victoria accounted for 21.2% of the state's total population

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