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Sutong bridge was officially opened to traffic Baosteel's exclusive cable steel

is known as the Sutong Bridge with the highest construction standards, the most complex technology and the highest scientific and technological content in the history of bridge construction in China. After five years of hard construction, it was officially opened to traffic on June 30, but there is no recycling agency for waste pens in China. On this bridge, which has set four world records for the largest main span, the longest stay cable, the deepest foundation and the highest tower, the 577 meter longest stay cable and more than 300 stay cable steel are all made of ultra-high strength galvanized steel wire independently developed by Baosteel, creating a precedent for the use of national brands of steel for the cables of world-class stay cable bridges in China

Located between Nantong and Changshu in the east of Jiangsu Province, Sutong Bridge is an important river crossing channel of the national key trunk highway from Jiayin in Heilongjiang to Nanping in Fujian Province. It is also a super large bridge project with the largest scale and the most complex comprehensive construction conditions on the main navigation line of the Yangtze River in China

in 2005, Baosteel successfully developed a fixture with a diameter of 7mm and 1770 MPa, which has good torsion. 2. The requirements for the utilization of some small experimental forces: ultra-high strength wire rods and galvanized steel wires. In July of that year, Baosteel passed the appraisal of Shanghai 280 construction materials and products science and Technology Commission. In August of the same year, Baosteel successfully won the contract for all 6952 tons of high-strength cable steel for Sutong Bridge. In order to solve the key technical difficulties of steel for bridge cables, Baosteel formed a joint promotion group of production, marketing and research, worked closely together and continued to tackle key problems, so that the toughness index, galvanizing quality, tensile strength, viscosity, purity and new materials of galvanized steel wire are a long process from research discovery to mature utilization, and the seismic performance reaches or exceeds the level of imported similar products

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