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The development is sustainable and the model can be copied. Zhonghai innovative industrial poverty alleviation

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"the county leaders saw our 'Kangle mushroom' packaging and said they were very satisfied with it. They said it was of high grade and a sense of quality!" In May this year, Zhang Yufeng, the head of Jinggu edible fungus planting and processing farmers' professional cooperative, sent a message in the "Zhonghai real estate Kangle county poverty alleviation communication group"

Kangle County, located in the central and southern part of Gansu Province, is widely praised as "three rivers of rouge and rice grain" because of its special geographical location and natural environment. This is also an epitome of the fixed-point assistance of CNOOC real estate

since April this year, the China Shipping real estate poverty alleviation promotion group has visited Kangle County for many times to investigate the doubts of the outside world, and finally selected "shiitake mushroom" as the object of poverty alleviation products, and joined hands with Jinggu mushroom planting and processing farmers' professional cooperative entrusted by Kangle County Government to create the brand of "Kangle shiitake mushroom"

"compared with the planting industry, the income of the mushroom industry is relatively good. From the beginning to now, our mushroom cooperative has absorbed more than 50 nearby migrant workers, including 29 poor households, with a monthly income of about 2000." Previously, Chen Xindong, head of bitianyuan vegetable planting and sales farmers' Professional Cooperative in Wuhu Township, Kangle County, said in an interview with the media

from the "Kangle mushroom" in Kangle County, Gansu Province, to the "Xiurong millet" in Lan county, Shanxi Province, and then to the "Longkang old tree walnut" in Kangxian County, Gansu Province, in the process of building a brand of local agricultural products, CNOOC real estate has gradually explored a sustainable, replicable, self recycling and targeted poverty alleviation model closely integrated with the company's business

small mushrooms hold up the "umbrella for getting rich"

for a long time, poverty was once the label of Kangle county. By the end of 2013, Kangle county had accurately identified and filed 76 poverty-stricken villages, 17900 poverty-stricken households and 76500 people, with a poverty incidence rate of 30.98%

by the end of 2019, all 89 poverty-stricken villages in the county have been lifted out of poverty, with a total of 19364 households and 94179 people out of poverty, and the remaining 776 households and 3421 people in poverty, with a poverty incidence rate of 1.33%

Kangle county has gradually removed the "poverty cap". In Zhang Yufeng's view, there is also a credit from CNOOC real estate. In 2019, under the unified leadership of the Party group of China Construction Group, China Shipping launched targeted poverty alleviation actions in many poor counties, including Kangle County, implemented poverty alleviation through agricultural products, consumer e-commerce, industry and education, and achieved a series of rich results

since April this year, the China Shipping real estate poverty alleviation promotion group has traveled across mountains and rivers to Kangle County for many times to conduct on-the-spot research, communicate closely with the local government, investigate the situation of many alternative products in the field of mushrooms and cattle, such as China's new materials, which are relatively late in the overall start-up, and the industrial level is biased towards low-end meat ramen, poultry processed food, and learn more about the product output, production period, safety and health, processing methods, warehousing and logistics, sales channels, etc. After comprehensive evaluation, the company selected "shiitake mushroom" as the target of poverty alleviation products, and joined hands with Jinggu mushroom planting and processing farmers' professional cooperative entrusted by Kangle county government to build the brand of "Kangle shiitake mushroom"

it is reported that once the products are on the market, Zhonghai will give full play to its advantages in customer group resources, launch national promotion, link the company's layout of more than 70 cities in the sale of real estate and Zhonghai community, promote to nearly 3million owners and sales offices, and give "Kangle mushroom" to customers free of charge, guide them to pay attention to product stores, help build brands, open sales, and then drive the development of local mushroom industry, Help farmers achieve sustained income growth

"at present, the output of Lentinus edodes is about 15 million jin, and the output value is more than 15 million yuan, driving more than 100 poor households. It is planned to expand production in the next step and build another 500 greenhouses." Zhang Yufeng said in an interview with the media

it is reported that this year, driven by the edible fungus Industrial Park, Jinggu town is expected to build 100 mushroom planting greenhouses (39 greenhouses for poor households), produce 2million Jin of mushrooms, output 10million yuan, and realize a net profit of 3million yuan; Within two years, the radiation has driven the development of 500 edible fungus greenhouses in the whole town, and driven the average income of poor farmers to increase by more than 6000. Wuhu Township bitianyuan vegetable planting and sales farmers' professional cooperative plans to transfer 500 mu of land. With the increasingly extensive application of plastic, two Mushroom planting greenhouses have been built, covering an area of 1600 square meters, and 30 mu of morel and mushroom edible mushroom greenhouses are under construction

targeted industrial poverty alleviation

"Kangle mushroom" is just one of many targeted poverty alleviation cases in China Sea. In 2018, with the first category of hardness experiment, China Shipping real estate launched the "haihuiwanjia" targeted poverty alleviation characteristic agricultural product building action, and successively created many characteristic agricultural product brands such as "Xiurong millet", "Wuxi hickory" and "Longkang Laoshu walnut" for Lan county, Shanxi Province, Wuxi County, Chongqing, and Kang County, Gansu Province, which were deeply recognized by poor counties and achieved good results

in Lan county, Shanxi Province, after many field visits and product comparison, China Shipping real estate selected the local characteristic agricultural product "Xiaomi" with geographical advantages, and invested more than 1.2 million (excluding national promotion costs) to create a local characteristic brand of "Xiurong Xiaomi". Zhonghai real estate has held more than 250 promotion activities of "Xiurong millet" in Zhonghai community and real estate on sale nationwide, which has been intensively promoted to 3million owners of the company

help open exclusive Taobao stores and realize the integration of online and offline sales. At the beginning of the product launch, due to the hot sales, "out of stock" and "out of stock" became the keywords of the product for a time. By the end of 2018, "Xiurong Xiaomi" had sold 58000 boxes offline and about 20000 boxes online. The product led to about 800000 sales, helping 134 poor people achieve considerable income growth

in Kangxian County, Gansu Province, Zhonghai real estate has created the brand of "Longkang old tree walnut" for the local characteristic agricultural product "walnut" with geographical characteristics but poor sales

on the one hand, Kang County is known as the "hometown of Walnut in China", and its agricultural products have the inherent advantage of "local characteristics", which is convenient to enter the market; On the other hand, walnut products are suitable for young and old, and can be eaten from north to south, which can be accepted by most people

in order to effectively help launch the product brand, Zhonghai also designs and packages, registers trademarks, produces and processes, and opens stores for local customers free of charge. In combination with the resource advantages of more than 2 million owners in nearly 1000 communities across the country and the nearly 10 million customer flow of the Sales Office every year, Zhonghai directly gives its products to our customers

"Zhonghai real estate taught Kang County how to build an agricultural product brand, which can continuously and effectively drive farmers' income, so that Kang County can replicate experience and create more high-quality agricultural product brands." Relevant leaders of Kangxian county Party committee and government expressed their gratitude to China shipping at a symposium

it is understood that in 2019, several stores opened by China shipping for Kang County sold 480000 walnuts, including 20000 cans of amber walnuts, 12000 cans of salty walnuts and 8000 cans of jujube nuts. As of November 2019, the "Longkang Laoshu" walnut brand has driven local walnut sales by nearly 1.5 million

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