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Su Wu Futures: Shanghai Jiao can't escape and continue to decline

[futures market]

on October 9, Shanghai Jiao ru0901 closed at 16360, falling by the limit. Its position was reduced by 32666 to 35902 hands due to compulsory position reduction. The total number of multiple orders in the top 20 was less than 356 empty orders, accounting for 64% and 66% of the total unilateral positions in 901 contract respectively; TOCOM benchmark RSS3 contract closed up 1.5 to 206.9 yen in March

[spot market]

on October 9, the average price of China rubber scr5/5# standard glue fell by 164 yuan to 20581 yuan/ton, and there was no spot transaction (on September 26, 160 tons were traded, with an average price of 25000 yuan/ton); The quotation of Thai No.3 cigarette glue RSS3 shipped in October fell by 1 cent to 220 cents/kg. Calculated at the tariff rate of 5%, its duty paid price was about 18890 yuan/ton, and the cost of Shanghai warehouse receipt was 19060 yuan/ton

[trading tips]

ru0810-ru0901 contract has the first down limit, and the up/down limit is adjusted to 6%

ru0903 and ru0905 resumed trading, and the up/down limit was restored to 4%

ru0904 contract has the third limit, and trading is suspended for one day

ru0907 contract has the second down limit, and the up/down limit is still 6%

[investment analysis]

the global joint rescue of the market did not bring enough confidence to investors. The financial crisis and the sluggish economic trend continue to put pressure on crude oil. NYMEX crude oil has seen that the structure and operation method of the concrete pressure testing machine introduced by the technicians of our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has passed $85, which is close to the psychological barrier of the market (3) advanced basic materials of $80; The average package price of crude oil under OPEC market supervision fell below $80 a barrel on the 8th

revitalizing the global economy requires a long process of structural adjustment; Before the financial environment and macroeconomic stability, it may be difficult for crude oil to rebound sharply. The future trend of crude oil will mainly depend on the global economic growth rate and OPEC's production, and find a new balance point under the combined action of various factors

Test of building curtain wall as/nzs 4284:1995

on the whole, the weak economy, the peak tapping season, and the overall weak trend of crude oil and synthetic rubber (15375, -985.00, -6.02%, bar) continue to put pressure on Tianjiao, which may continue to be weak until November. Until the middle and late February of 1180 degree stripping, Tianjiao will be supported by the arrival of the off-season supply and peak consumption season

in terms of operation, maintain the short thinking and short selling strategy

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