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While looking forward to the government's consultation, Chinese photovoltaic enterprises actively responded to the lawsuit

after the European Commission made the decision to conduct an anti-dumping investigation against Chinese photovoltaic enterprises, from the enterprises to the association and then to the Ministry of Commerce, they all issued a unanimous voice: strong concern and strong opposition. "If the EU imposes anti-dumping duties on China's photovoltaic enterprises, China's photovoltaic enterprises will lose 65-75% of the total sales, and suffer from extinction. In addition, it will also lead to a series of economic and social problems, such as the collapse of a large number of enterprises, unemployment, damage to bank credit and so on." The reasons for the opposition were presented in a document entitled "EU's anti-dumping investigation on China's photovoltaic products will hit China's photovoltaic industry" submitted by Yingli and other four photovoltaic enterprises to the Ministry of Commerce

in this situation, Minister of Commerce chendeming made it clear during the APEC informal meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, on September 9 that the Ministry of Commerce would send a vice ministerial delegation to Germany, France and the EU to negotiate

however, once the EU issues the notice of filing, it means that the legal proceedings are officially launched. How much role can the government's mediation play in resolving this issue? Should the enterprise sit back and wait for the government to negotiate, or should it actively respond to the lawsuit?

as 70% of China's photovoltaic products are sold to the EU, once the anti-dumping duty is officially levied, how should we "settle" the 70% of the market previously digested by the EU in order to help the photovoltaic industry tide over the difficulties?

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can't bet on the attention of the Ministry of Commerce, It has given many enterprises some hope. In an interview with the rule of law weekend, many enterprises and even industry analysts hoped that the government would be tough and use the significance of the Chinese market to the EU under the European debt crisis to force the EU to abandon the anti-dumping investigation

however, Yang Chen, a lawyer who went to the United States to respond to the lawsuit on behalf of Chinese enterprises in the tire special protection case, told rule of law weekend that once an anti-dumping investigation is filed, it means entering legal proceedings. Unless the applicant withdraws the lawsuit, the investigation will not be terminated halfway

"however, it is worth noting that the EU should consider the public interest of the EU when deciding whether to impose anti-dumping duties on enterprises of other countries, that is, when the EU believes that the imposition of anti-dumping duties is not in line with the public interest of the EU, it may give up the imposition of anti-dumping duties. Moreover, when the EU makes relevant decisions, 27 member states vote." Yang Chen said

Yang Chen believes that in this case, due to the strong interdependence between Germany, Italy, Spain and China in the photovoltaic industry, it is possible that the EU will not levy anti-dumping duties on Chinese enterprises under the mediation of the Chinese government and ultimately because of the public interest of the EU

however, during the interview, Yang Chen repeatedly stressed that "this is only possible"

"For example, in the special tire protection case in 2009, China also felt that Americans particularly needed to import Chinese tires. Once high anti-dumping duties were imposed on Chinese tires, Americans would not be willing to change tires due to price reasons, which would increase safety risks. On this basis, China made great efforts to lobby the United States. Many people were optimistic that the United States would not impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese tires 。 But the result is that the United States has imposed a punitive tariff of up to 25% on China's tire industry for three years. " Yang Chen said, "the photovoltaic industry has been subject to anti-dumping investigation this time. Enterprises must not take chances and bet on the government. Because the government can certainly play a role. 6. double dragon bone front suspension: the polar 1 has a double keel front suspension, but it can not affect the results."

enterprises should actively respond to lawsuits

Yang Chen has signed agency contracts with more than a dozen photovoltaic enterprises to help them deal with the EU anti-dumping investigation

Yang Chen believes that the practices of these enterprises are worthy of recognition. As mentioned above, there is little possibility for the EU to terminate the investigation at present, so only by actively responding to the lawsuit can enterprises strive for greater opportunities for themselves

"once the EU determines to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese enterprises, the tax rates of responding and non responding enterprises are different." Yang Chen said. Zhonghua glass () Department

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