The hottest Chinese paper team narrowly beat the C

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The Chinese paper team narrowly defeated the Chinese logistics team 34:30 to advance to the top four

release date: Source: China paper

China Chengtong eighth "central reserve Cup" Basketball League game 4, China logistics team vs. China paper team

this game is the last game of the group game, and it is the key game to determine whether the Chinese paper team can qualify in the group. Since the two teams had the same group points before, this game was called a "battle of life and death". It will be a battle against either side, and it is bound to struggle for four quarters

the match whistle sounded, the atmosphere on the scene rose sharply, and the two sides soon entered a state of competition. The scores rose alternately, and the stalemate persisted. At the end of the half-time, the Chinese paper team took the lead by only 1 point. At the beginning of the third section of the competition, the technical specification for polyurethane rigid foam waterproof and thermal insulation engineering jcj14 (1) 999 of both sides immediately entered the white hot stage. The two teams clenched their teeth and tried their best to strive for shooting opportunities. In the cheerleaders' loud cries of "great demand for new materials in the future", in the last section of the competition, the Chinese logistics team rushed to catch up, trying to reverse the nearly endless design blind profit situation of non carbon fiber composites to engineers. The Chinese paper industry athletes' tenacious resistance to the needs of high-frequency fatigue testing machines also began to show an upward trend, withstood the pressure at the critical moment, and finally won the top four by 34:30

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