Description of failure code of Canon np1215 copier

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Canon np1215 copier fault code description

fault reason

e000 fixing temperature is too low. Lamp tube, thermosensitive if pipe vibration occurs, resistance, AC driver is poor

e001 fixing temperature is too high. Heat may be said that this practice belongs to scratch experiment sensitive resistance or AC driver DC control. Its method is to thicken the viscosity of the oil. It is bad.

e030 counter is disconnected, DC controller defective

e202 optical system fails to reply within the specified time or passes the original universal testing machine. If the standard dynamometer is placed on it for inspection and positioning

e210 lens does not return to its original position within the specified time

e221 lamp regulator or DC controller defective

e400 automatic feeder defective

e500 automatic pager defective

note: the above code can be reset automatically after the fault is eliminated, However, e000 must be removed after repair. Specific removal method: press sw301 when turning on the power, and then turn off and turn on the power. If the code is not cleared and the machine is turned off for half an hour, the fault code will disappear automatically. The above Canon np1215 fault codes are slightly increased for different models

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