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Handan sells automatic cable peeling machine

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Handan sells automatic cable peeling machine - where is it sold high-voltage cable peeling machine? It is a machine that specially peels the recycled waste wires and cables and separates the copper wire and wire skin. It is specially used in copper wire, wire, cable, wire, thin wire, thick cable, submarine cable High temperature resistant wires and cables, copper clad aluminum wires and cables and other normal and abnormal linetypes

this is a problem that must be considered by the old Department of an enterprise. Friends who need full-automatic multi-function peeling machines are welcome to call us for advice

intelligent peeling machine, many manufacturers can produce intelligent peeling machine more or less according to their own specialties. Although the technology is different, the quality of intelligent peeling machine is also different, and the materials used are also different, but in general, it is still intelligent. The continuous rise of intelligent peeling machine manufacturers promotes the progress of the entire automation industry. We don't need to use scissors to peel manually one by one, We will replace manual labor with powerful intelligent skinning machines. The intelligent skinning machines of Hebei Xingtai Zhiguan Machinery Co., Ltd. account for more than 99% of all products, and the pneumatic skinning machines account for only 1% of the rest. It is mainly for the sake of individuals or some enterprises that can use the skinning machines, but the consumption is small, and the enterprises that have to use them. The advantages of pneumatic skinning machines are mainly manifested in their small size and low price. Therefore, it is important to clarify the function of the experimental machine, Heavy is light, easy to carry and other advantages. Its disadvantages are semi-automatic operation, stripping the line once, while the intelligent Skinner is a large fully automated operation. The main highlight is intelligence or intelligence. Enterprises that need to purchase intelligent skinners can choose the brand of Zhiguan mechanical Skinner. Big brands have good quality, good after-sales service, good technology, and everything is at ease. Please check and contact us for advice on Skinner Automatic wire twisting and peeling machine What kind of machine is the automatic twisting and peeling machine? It can be seen from the title that this is a multi-function peeling machine. In addition to having buttons to establish a batch of quality benchmarks and brand lines, there are also machines that can peel and cut lines. At present, there are still many such machines, including 220+t280+t and so on. Generally, those with t at the back have button line energy

Handan sells automatic cable peeling machine - where is it sold? This machine is developed by our company. It has multiple, comprehensive and good performance. It adds five frame knives and three double tire socket wire holes on the basis of the single knife machine, so that it can be more subdivided and applicable to all kinds of wires, so that all kinds of rubber cables and wires are easier to be peeled. In addition, it can peel single core or double core flat wires at one time. Its stripping diameter range is (ø 1-ø 42mm), so that stripping can be greatly strengthened and each wire entry hole can be more subdivided. Voltage: 220v/380v rate: 2.2kW volume: 700 long × Width 610 × 840 weight 110kg Nissan: kg

the blade of the peeling machine works like human teeth every day, which affects the quality of wire harness stripping. In the whole equipment accessories, it is a component with frequent replacement of consumables

at present, Hebei Xingtai Zhiguan Machinery Co., Ltd. has a higher accuracy of measurement results. There are still many models with t-button wire energy mainly developed, such as yg-220+t automatic wire twisting peeling machine. After years of research and development and production of peeling machine, it has spoiled a stable customer consumer group, making Zhiguan machinery occupy a place in the same industry

Handan sells automatic cable peeling machines - where can we sell all copper motors that work stably at high speed and have a service life five times longer than ordinary motors. The blade of high-voltage cable stripper uses global heat treatment technology to make the blade more wear-resistant and stable. The imported correction equipment strictly controls the straightness and flatness of the blade edge, with high precision and thickness tolerance Within 03 mm, the knife edge of the high-voltage cable stripper is treated with a mirror to ensure that there is no resistance to stripping and cutting, and the wire cut is more flat and beautiful

as the consumables of the peeling machine, many peeling machine manufacturers will not give warranty when selling the machine. As end users, we need to know how to better maintain the machine in order to save machine costs. Now how to maintain the blade has become a problem. Is there a way to maintain it? As a peeling machine manufacturer of Hebei Xingtai Zhiguan Machinery Co., Ltd., there are some. Now I share with you the experience of peeling machine blade maintenance

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