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Self adhesive materials are easy to appear 6. Problems in doing experimental projects

problems easy to appear when choosing self-adhesive materials 5 The data and curves show dynamically with the experimental process -- plasticizers often exude from the surface of soft PVC, so special attention should be paid to the selection of adhesives; Cylinder bottle with a diameter less than 30mm should be carefully selected

when the label size is too small or too large, pay attention to the actual test

the environment and temperature of labeling will affect the characteristics of adhesive, such as water or oil environment

the pasted object is an irregular surface, or even a spherical surface

labeling test shall be carried out for the label of automatic labeling machine

even if the label is pasted at normal temperature, it can be called to analyze whether each data has experienced high temperature when encountering faults during export transportation

the corrugated box surface is rough and coated with varnish, which will affect the labeling

recommended material selection procedure

understand the requirements of end users in detail

the condition of the pasted surface, the labeling method, the labeling environment, and the label size

the use and storage conditions of the final product

refer to the product technical manual or consult the supplier of high strength and stiffness

provide samples for customers to try and paste, which can be several similar materials

supply a small amount of goods to customers

the customer confirms the effect in the final use environment

normal supply after confirming the final use effect

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