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In January 2003, Zhejiang Province higher education self-study examination engineering economic test questions

1. Fill in the blank (1 point per blank, a total of 10 points)

1 The enterprise produces 10000 products in a year, the production cost is 1million yuan, and 8000 products are sold in that year. The torque is transferred to the torque disk end through sample loading. The torque sales unit price is 150 yuan/piece. The enterprise's annual management fee is 100000 yuan, the financial fee is 60000 yuan, the sales fee is 30000 yuan, the sales tax is 60000 yuan, and the income tax rate is 33%. Then the total profit of the enterprise in that year is_________ Ten thousand yuan

2. A company purchases an equipment by installment, pays 100000 yuan to the seller at the beginning of each year, and pays it off in five years, then the present value of the equipment is_________ Ten thousand yuan. (annual interest rate of 10%, compound interest) 74 residential concrete inner wall panels and partition panels

3 The payback period of investment refers to the net income obtained every year after the project is put into operation (including _______), The time required to recover all the investment

4. The rate of return on investment is also known as _____u, It is the ratio of the net income obtained each year after the project is put into operation to the total investment

5. The construction investment of a project of 2million yuan is fully invested at the beginning of the construction period, the operation period is 10 years, and the annual net cash flow is 500000 yuan. If the benchmark rate of return is 10%, the net present value rate of the project is ________

6. In the analysis of project profit and loss balance, the higher the profit and loss balance point is, the greater the risk the project bears

7. Delphi method has three characteristics: _______ Feedback and unity

8. The basic idea of time series method is to assume that the law of the evolution of things in the past continues to the future, so in the prediction, the development trend of the past represents the development trend of the future, also known as_________ Law

9. The standard price of a material used in the production of a product is 8.0 yuan per kilogram, the actual price is 7.5 yuan per kilogram, the standard dosage is 600 kg, the actual dosage is 540 kg, and the difference in material dosage is_________ Yuan

10. During the reporting period, an enterprise produced a total of 2000 finished products, with an actual consumption of 600 man hours, each product consumed 0.3 man hours, the actual total wage was 600 yuan, the current standard wage rate was 0.8 yuan, the unit product man hour consumption standard was 0.25 man hours, and the direct labor cost difference was_________ Yuan

II. Single choice questions (choose a correct answer from the four alternative answers of each sub question, and fill the serial number of the correct answer in the brackets of the question stem. 1 point for each sub question, a total of 15 points)

11 only in this way can the machine work normally Of the following expenses (), they are variable costs

a. research and development expense B. direct material expense

c. equipment depreciation expense D. advertising expense

12 Two unequal funds at different time points ()

a. good or bad value of certain unequal tensile properties B. certain equivalent

c. possible equivalent D. unable to judge

13 The interest rate coefficient of lump sum present value is ()

A.(F/P,i,n) B.(P/F,i,n)

C.(A/P,i,n) D.(P/A,i,n)

14. A permanent scholarship fund plans to issue a bonus of 50000 yuan with interest every year. If the annual compound interest rate is 10%, the principal of the scholarship should be () yuan

a.625000 b.500000

c.510000 d.480000

15 Among the following items, those that belong to the static evaluation index of investment decision-making are ()

a. net present value rate B. internal rate of return

c. investment profit rate D. net present value

16 The internal rate of return makes the net present value equal to ()

a. a positive number B. a negative number

c. zero D. all the above

17 When using the annual value method to compare multiple schemes, the item of annual value () should be selected

a. maximum B. moderate

c. minimum D. unable to judge

18 It is unnecessary to know the benchmark yield in advance to calculate () in the following indicators

a. net present value B. internal rate of return

c. future value D. net present value rate

19 The core content of the feasibility study of engineering construction project is ()

a. market demand forecast and proposed scale B. plant construction conditions and site selection

c. economic evaluation of the project D. investment estimation and fund raising

20 The larger the calculated value of project () is, the stronger its profitability is

a. return on investment B. payback period

c. breakeven point D. loan repayment period

21 In the product market life cycle stage, the fastest profit growth stage is ()

a. input period B. growth period

c. maturity period D. recession period

22 The core of value engineering is ()

a. function analysis B. cost analysis

c. value analysis D. life cycle cost analysis

23 There are two schemes in a project design. Scheme a has a function evaluation coefficient of 0.85, a cost coefficient of 0.92, and scheme B has a function evaluation coefficient of 0.6 and a cost coefficient of 0.7. Then the value coefficient of the optimal scheme is ()

A.0.857 B.0.911

C.0.924 D.0.950

24. () is determined by physical wear and tear

a. natural life B. technical life

c. economic life D. equipment life

25 The economic life of the equipment refers to ()

a. service life of equipment B. the number of years with the lowest annual average comprehensive use cost

c. technical life D. service life before the first major repair

III. multiple choice questions (choose two to five correct answers from the five alternative answers of each sub question, and fill the serial numbers of the correct answers in the brackets of the question stem respectively. No score will be given for multiple choice, less choice, or wrong choice. 2 points for each sub question, a total of 10 points)

26 Among the following items, items belonging to cash outflow are ()

a. depreciation expense B. equipment overhaul expenditure

c. amortization of intangible assets D. income tax

e. wages

27 The means of production and use that must meet () conditions at the same time are called fixed assets

a. the service life is more than one year B. the unit size is more than a certain amount

c. the unit weight is more than a certain amount D. the unit value is more than a certain limit

e. maintain the original material form

28 According to the current accounting system, the taxes entering the cost of products mainly include: ()

a. product tax B. value added tax

c. income tax D. land use tax

e. stamp tax

29 The procedures of the feasibility study include: ()

a. opportunity study B. preliminary feasibility study

c. detailed feasibility study D. evaluation report

e. decision making

30 National Economic Review

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