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In depth comparison between I3 8100 and Ruilong 2200g

this year can be said to be the hottest year for CPU. CPU chip competition is going on at home and abroad, especially with the rise of Ruilong processor. Intel I3 desktop has also been upgraded to 4-core, with I3 8100 as a typical representative. In order to suppress Intel processors, amd naturally launched the second-generation Ruilong 3200g quad core processor. How about the performance and cost performance of these two processors? The following it buyers will conduct in-depth analysis for you

in the above figure, the performance of the two CPUs is not much different, because the default dominant frequency of the I3 8100 is 3.6g, while the default dominant frequency of the Reebok 3200g is 3.5G, which will reach 3.7g under full load. In addition, the I3 8100 processor's L3 cache is significantly higher, so the I3 8100 processor's performance will be slightly better to extend its service life. However, it is obvious that the Reebok 3200g is more powerful, which is simply the configuration of an entry-level graphics card

it can be seen from the computer scoring software test that the I3 8100 quad core processor is indeed stronger than the Ruilong 3200g quad core processor, but the surpassing range is not large, and it is difficult to feel the difference in the performance of the actual computer when it is used

the game score mainly tests the performance of CPU core display. In the above two games, the performance of Ruilong 3200g core display is significantly better than that of I3 8100 core display, and even the gap is about 1 time

in the whole territory blockade, under low special effects, I3 8100 is even more difficult to enter the game, while the Reebok 3200g core display performance can run smoothly under 36 frames

at this time, an entry-level independent graphics card gt1030 is added to the I3 8100. At the same time, the Ruilong 3200g is also overclocked. The running score under the low and medium image quality of the whole territory blockade is surprising, and the core display has even surpassed the mainstream entry-level independent graphics card

whether from the data table above or from the test, the performance of the Ruilong 3200g core display is far stronger than that of the I3 8100 processor, and it is also stronger than that of the i7 8700k, because the eighth generation i7 is also a uhd630 core display. In fact, the Reebok 3220g can be comparable to the mainstream entry-level independent graphics card. If you want to choose gt730, gtx750, gtx750ti or gt1030 independent graphics, you might as well directly choose the Reebok 3220g processor or Reebok 52400g, and the core graphics are very strong. The CPU performance of the eighth generation I3 8100 is not much different from that of the Ruilong 3200g. In terms of cost performance, I think that the Ruilong 3200g is the best

Ruilong 3200g quad core processor with 8g high-frequency memory module is completely enough for our daily office operations, and even graphic designers can run without pressure. Even if you like to play some online games, you can choose it. It is very cost-effective. It is an entry-level independent CPU. Only in this way can we ensure that the measured data are correct; As strong as a graphics card

some Intel die hard fans have developed into the largest travel through international tightening (stretching): 70mm, 100mm exhibition alliance UFI certification, and I3 8100 quad core processor, the most influential international industrial brand exhibition in China's equipment manufacturing industry, is also cost-effective. After all, it is very similar to the previous seven generation i5 7500 quad core processor. With 8g high-frequency memory module, multitasking has no pressure, but the game performance is certainly weaker than that of Ruilong 3200g. When choosing I3 8100 processor, remember not to choose H110 motherboard cheaply. The cracked motherboard is very unstable

when you want to buy a better game console, you must choose a console with an independent graphics card. At present, the mainstream configuration is i5 8400 six core processor with 4G gtx1050ti independent display, plus 8g high-frequency memory module, which is enough for most of our games to easily open special effects. The stability of this host is quite reliable. After all, ASUS' board stability has always been a benchmark in the industry

in fact, gtx1050ti graphics card is competent for the medium image quality of most games. To drive high image quality, it is recommended to choose at least 5g gtx1060 graphics card with i5 8400 processor. Basically, there is no pressure to drive high image quality in most games. In order to run more smoothly, it is recommended to choose 16g memory module. The MSI board is also easier to dissipate heat. At the same time, the 240g solid-state disk meets the storage needs and takes into account the further improvement of the overall speed

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