The hottest self-developed logging tool in Daqing

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Daqing Oilfield self-developed logging tool has obtained a practical national patent

Daqing Oilfield is the largest oilfield in China. After 51 years of exploration, how to maintain the lead screw of universal testing machine? Development, the exploration and development of thin and poor oil and gas reserves has become one of the main objects of increasing production and tapping potential in Daqing Oilfield. Density logging instrument is a kind of instrument that can measure the components, plugs and seats that are plugged in by natural gamma in the open hole after turning off the power, and then re press the intensity of gamma rays by hand to calculate the formation density, analyze the formation structure, and find out the thin layer of oil and gas. Yulian group is the largest private project invested by viholding, a Russian industrial investment group, in China. With the complexity of the underground situation of the oil field and the continuous updating and development of technology, Daqing drilling and logging company found that the resolution of the existing density logging tools could not meet the needs of the fine evaluation of the oilfield reservoir geology. The technical experts of the logging company upgraded the original double source spacing to long, medium and short three source spacing, and obtained more detailed formation information by shortening the source spacing, supplemented by modern digital signal processing technology and mechanical structure optimization design, The layering ability of the instrument is effectively improved. After five years of research, development and testing, Daqing drilling company finally successfully developed a high-resolution density logging tool at the end of 2010, and obtained a practical national patent in early 2011

according to the technicians of Daqing drilling and logging company, the successful development of high-resolution density logging tool not only provides necessary support for the stable production of crude oil in Daqing Oilfield, but also provides necessary help for the exploration and development of thin interbedded oil and gas in other oilfields in China. Ordinary maintenance is particularly important and has a broad application prospect

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