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Self repairing nano paint can make the cracked screen repair under the sun

self repairing nano paint can make the cracked screen repair under the sun

October 25, 2018

October 16, 2018, under the guidance of the science and technology Commission of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of science and technology, the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province The 2018 China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition hosted by the Huizhou Municipal People's government ended in Huizhou due to the relatively stable value of the lower yielding point (Huizhou division of hydraulic tension testing machine operation procedures and oil leakage reasons). Among the 277 enterprises and teams participating in the competition, the project of "high voltage and high pressure resistant UV insulation special coating for battery cover plate" of Guangzhou sisen MEC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. won the first prize of application research and development and industrialization projects in the field of power batteries and military industry, and won a prize of 1million yuan

Jiang Weizhong, general manager of the company, said that the company did not pay enough attention to military products before. After this competition, it was of great help to enterprises, especially feeling the huge market of Chinese coatings in the military field. In fact, the company has many world leading technologies that can be applied to the military field. In the future, it will strengthen research and development in this field

the full name of the award-winning project is the special UV insulation coating with high voltage and high pressure resistance for the cover plate of the battery pack. Jiang Weizhong introduced that the company's application research and development and industrialization projects of intelligent self-healing nano coatings in power batteries and military industry have been launched for more than a year, and mass production has been achieved. The intelligent self-healing nano coating material has a very special function. It can reduce friction and resistance on ships and make Chinese ships run faster. When used in the new energy power battery shell, it can make the shell repair naturally after wear, and greatly improve the safety factor of new energy battery, which makes a greater contribution to the company's industrial development and industrial progress. If the screen is cracked, it can be naturally repaired by shining it under the sun. If it is applied on the glasses and breaks, maybe we put it in the desk lamp before going to bed in the middle and high-end market, and repair it by ourselves the next day. Just like the human body has surgery, the product has the biological characteristics of self healing

"after getting the bonus, we will mainly invest in R & D and purchase advanced equipment. As we all know, many key technologies in industry are in the hands of foreigners, and we hope that through our own efforts, even one generation, two generations and three generations can master the key technologies in their own hands." Jiang Weizhong said in an interview with Dongshi that at present, the company's R & D and turnover account for more than 8%, but in previous years, it has far exceeded this proportion, with an annual investment of more than 5million yuan

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