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Sales easy is still the only Chinese CRM enterprise selected in Gartner Magic Quadrant. It is easy to age and brittle after being exposed to the sun for a long time. Recently, Gartner announced the magic quadrant of sales force automation (SFA, CRM core module) in 2018. Sales easy was selected again after it first entered the quadrant in 2017, and it is still the only Chinese CRM enterprise selected

gartner SFA Magic Quadrant, as one of the most authoritative and influential analysis reports in the field of sales automation, is to select 15 suppliers representing the industry wind vane to enter the quadrant through a neutral and objective survey of multiple suppliers and their customers around the world. The selection for two consecutive years proves the strength of salesforce to compete with world-class enterprise service providers such as salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP

Gartner magic quadrant of sales automation in 2018

Gartner Magic Quadrant report believes that easy to sell products are very suitable for enterprises adopting B2B and b2c sales processes, and can support Chinese enterprises with overseas branches. In addition, salese has been committed to exploring the high-end market and has successfully accumulated a certain number of customers in the fields of high-tech and software, manufacturing and professional services. At present, SFA products offered by easy to sell mainly include free version, free trial version, professional version and enterprise version, which integrate SFA's core capabilities, such as clue management, regional management, business opportunity management, account management, and some SFA capabilities close to the core, such as order management

at the same time, easy to sell SFA products have strong mobile deployment in IOS and Android systems, and also realize the native integration with Tencent email service, as well as the close integration with

in terms of service and support: the service and support sold for nearly 7 trillion yuan have received a high customer satisfaction score, and in terms of service provision, it deeply embodies the customer-centered concept

in terms of product upgrading: it is easy to adopt mobile first design for sales, and has its own developer platform and API integration, so that the product update iteration is rapid

in terms of innovation: selling enterprise maps and intelligent customer recommendation capabilities that are easy to SFA integration, which are not available to other SFA suppliers at present. This capability enables sales representatives to quickly know the relationship between customers and potential customers and make orders more quickly through the enterprise map function on the mobile end and the web end

this Magic Quadrant evaluation first introduced PRM (Partnership Management) as the evaluation index. The partner cloud products that are easy to use to help enterprises build an efficient channel management overlay system, including a high-pressure cooling suppression cycle and a low-pressure cooling suppression cycle, have been recognized by Gartner

in this regard, Shi Yanze, CEO of the founder of sales easy, said: very happy 1 First of all, as the only manufacturer in the CRM field in China, Yi Yi, the sales force sensor of tension machine, has been in Gartner's global SFA Magic Quadrant for two consecutive years. In the past year, we have stood the test of Gartner's rigorous evaluation system with great progress in product professionalism and continuous innovation. Although only serving the Chinese market has a great impact on the positioning of the Magic Quadrant, salese will continue to cultivate the Chinese market and provide Chinese enterprises with a new generation of CRM services that are more in line with local needs and integrate the latest Internet technologies. In order to become a world-class enterprise service provider growing up in China, sales Yi must demand itself with world-class standards. Next, salese will continue to invest heavily in product research and development, continuously improve service capabilities, provide customers with greater value and better experience, and strive to enter the leader quadrant as soon as possible

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