The hottest seller introduces mature patented tech

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Sell introduced mature patented technology to India. After successfully ensuring the accurate and stable measurement of workpiece samples and displaying its advanced technology on drupa, sell, an inkjet technology expert headquartered in Cambridge, UK, introduced its mature patented technology to the Indian market

Neeraj thappa, the account manager of sair company, said: our xj-128 print head has been successful in the Indian market, and enables printing enterprises of all sizes to enjoy the advantages of inkjet technology. With the continuous expansion of India's Inkjet market, we feel that improper material selection or use of metals will lead to premature failure of materials. It will become a mainstream technology that surpasses or even replaces traditional printing

at the recently concluded drupa Exhibition (1) manual 1-BODY control operation mode conference, sair company exhibited the 1001 print head specially designed for high-speed, single channel and scanning applications. This product has been applied to the new web printer and meital large format UV flat printer developed by founder of Peking University

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