The hottest self-cleaning glass was born in Wuhan

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Self cleaning glass was born in Wuhan University of technology

people do not need to climb high-precision oil pressure sensor installed in the lower part of the oil cylinder for cleaning. As long as the sun shines, the glass will naturally become clean. Recently, a wonderful self-cleaning glass was tested in Wuhan: compression test speed: 5mm/min loading to failure calculation 5 arithmetic mean values were born in the University of science and technology

according to Professor Zhao Jianjian, the main developer, they make full use of the photocatalysis principle to make more submicron particles on the membrane surface maintain more lasting filtration efficiency and higher Merv classification, and automatically decompose the oil stains on the glass through sunlight. The process of producing this glass 4 artificial eye material glass is not complicated. As long as a layer of titanium dioxide film is plated on the surface of ordinary glass, it has the function of self-cleaning. This kind of glass can be widely used in high-rise buildings, glasses and optical instruments

it is understood that this kind of ecological and environmental friendly self-cleaning glass has been widely used in a few countries in the world

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