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According to statistics, the annual per capita consumption of self-adhesive labels in developed countries in Europe and the United States is more than 10 square meters, while at present, China is only 0.3 square meters. It can be seen that there should be considerable room for the development of self-adhesive label printing market in China. In fact, domestic self-adhesive label printing has maintained a sustained high-speed growth in recent years, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, becoming a new bright spot in the packaging and printing industry

in the next few years, the demand for self-adhesive labels in the following four industries will increase greatly

I. daily chemical industry: according to statistics, the demand for self-adhesive labels of daily chemical industry products accounts for more than 30% of the total market demand. According to the diameter of the steel bar, the daily chemical industry can confirm that the products of bending center diameter industry are sold directly on the cabinet, and most of them have no other external packaging, so the label has become its most important form of expression. The proportion of self-adhesive labels used in daily chemical products has reached 40%. In addition, liquid detergent products in daily chemical products are becoming more and more popular. These products that need to be automatically filled need a large number of self-adhesive labels to be pasted on their bottles

II. Electronic and electrical labels: there are many durable self-adhesive labels on all kinds of electrical appliances. These labels have a large unit area and a large number. In addition, self-adhesive labels are also widely used as instructions for factory products (computers, etc.), which also drives the demand for self-adhesive labels

III. pharmaceutical industry: self adhesive labels have been increasingly used in drug packaging. With the OTC sales of over-the-counter drugs, drug manufacturers and consumers pay more attention to drug packaging, which will largely promote drug manufacturers to accelerate the pace of converting traditional labels to self-adhesive labels

IV. logistics industry: now the logistics industry is rising in China, and modern logistics will have more and more demand for variable information printing labels, such as storage and transportation labels, luggage labels, supermarket labels, etc

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