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Independent research and development of new environmentally friendly packaging materials is committed to the concept of environmental protection throughout the whole logistics link

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core tip: in addition to implementing green energy conservation and environmental protection in the transportation system, continues to explore and innovate in all aspects of packaging, warehousing, after-sales and other logistics, from independent research and development of new environmentally friendly packaging materials, electronic receipt Start with recycling and other aspects, and run the concept of environmental protection through the whole logistics link

[China Packaging News] "in Beijing, we eat haze in February, wind and sand in March, catkins in April, poplar hair in May, and today we eat a set meal". Today, a sandstorm covering the whole North China caused friends to have no choice but to laugh. In this "indescribable" weather, Master Li of JD TongZhou sorting center is driving a new energy vehicle to deliver today's express from the warehouse to the distribution station in the city

the truck driven by Master Li is the first batch of new energy electric transport trucks introduced by It will not produce any pollution during driving, but also reduce a lot of carbon dioxide emissions. It is estimated that the fuel consumption of ordinary diesel trucks is at least 11 liters per 100 kilometers. Calculated according to the average daily driving distance of 200 kilometers, if new energy electric vehicles are used, each vehicle will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by at least 5.84 tons a year, and new energy vehicles will also produce great environmental protection and ecological value

in recent years, and large domestic electric vehicle manufacturers have jointly tested and jointly promoted the research and development of electric logistics freight vehicles for the transportation from sorting centers to distribution stations. In June last year, the first batch of new energy trucks took the lead in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, which also led to the emergence of environmentally friendly pure electric vehicles in the domestic logistics express industry for the first time, It has set a benchmark for the whole industry in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction compared with the same period last year. At present, has purchased hundreds of new energy vehicles and put them into logistics operation. The head of JD logistics said that in the future, it will accelerate the investment and application of new energy vehicles, replace the existing transportation vehicles with more safe, stable and clean electric vehicles by purchasing, but renting by the end of 2015, and make a real contribution to environmental protection in terms of the infrastructure of urban new energy electric vehicles

in addition to implementing green energy conservation and environmental protection in the transportation system, continues to explore and innovate in all aspects of logistics, such as packaging, warehousing, after-sales, and so on. Starting from the independent research and development of new environmentally friendly packaging materials, electronic receipt, recycling and other aspects, has penetrated the concept of environmental protection into the whole logistics link

in terms of packaging materials, the "JD packaging laboratory" jointly established by and Donggang Co., Ltd. is the first experimental research and development institution based on the e-commerce logistics packaging field in China. It is committed to promoting the standardization and intensification of packaging materials in the entire e-commerce industry. shortened the width of packaging tape from 53mm to 45mm. This small improvement alone reduced the use of tape by at least 100million meters in 2016, which can circle the earth 2.5 times. In the future, new packaging materials such as tape free cartons and degradable tapes will be introduced. The electronic receipt system independently developed by will replace paper tickets, which will save the following requirements for the friction coefficient experiment: thousands of tons of materials produced by logistics tickets and POS tickets will greatly reduce the production of express waste has a fully patented tear proof packaging bag, which uses more environmentally friendly new materials, is safer and can be reused. It won the "China Green warehousing and distribution technology innovation award" at the China Green warehousing and distribution summit not long ago. On this basis, further developed a fully degradable packaging bag, which is 100% degradable and has zero pressure on the environment

in terms of warehouse construction, green lighting and solar energy are widely used in warehouse plants to control noise. In terms of equipment system in the warehouse, energy conservation is carried out through LED lighting system, conveying system, sorter system and cargo arrival system

in the recycling link, launched a carton recycling system in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in March this year. When's delivery brother delivers goods to the door, users can give their idle cartons to the delivery clerk, and the corresponding can be obtained according to the number of cartons. Once this move is popularized and applied in the whole industry, it will save tens of millions of trees and reduce carbon emissions by millions of tons for the country's innovation in green logistics has reached the point of sticking to every detail, and the improvement of every detail is an attempt of in green logistics and technological innovation. It is believed that with the continuous growth of scale and volume, the positive effect of JD green logistics will also be continuously amplified, creating huge economic and social benefits for the whole society

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