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Overview of the basic situation of packaging machinery

packaging machinery includes all the mechanical equipment used by the packaging industry to complete the packaging process. It is mainly divided into two categories: machinery for processing packaging materials or containers and machinery for completing the packaging process. The machinery for processing packaging materials or containers is divided into: cardboard processing machinery, composite material processing machinery, carton (box) processing machinery, bag making machinery, plastic container processing machinery, metal container processing machinery, glass container processing machinery, etc. The machines used to complete the packaging process are divided into: filling machine, filling machine, sealing machine, wrapping machine, labeling machine, cleaning machine, dryer, sterilizer, strapping machine, multi-functional packaging machine, auxiliary packaging equipment. According to the statistics of the World Federation of packaging machinery institutions, the output value of packaging machinery in nine developed countries, including Germany, Italy and the United States, reached more than $14 billion a decade ago. China's packaging machinery has developed rapidly since the beginning of reform and opening up in the last century. The total output value of packaging machinery industry has increased from tens of millions of yuan in the late 1970s to more than 9billion yuan, with nearly 1000 product varieties. However, it still cannot meet the requirements of national economic development. Compared with developed countries, there is a big gap. According to statistics, the gross domestic product of 95 packaging machinery is roughly equivalent to the import volume. With the rapid development of China's economy and the transition of national living standards from food and clothing to well-off, packaging machinery has great business opportunities in food packaging. Because the food packaging rates in the United States, Japan and Europe are 90%, 80% and 70% respectively. The rate of food packaging in China is only 5%. Therefore, the development potential of packaging machinery is very great

2 development status and situation of packaging machinery standardization

with the development of economy, economic competition is becoming increasingly international, and the competition of enterprises is expressed as standard competition to some extent. International standards have become part of the rules of the game of international trade and an important criterion for evaluating product quality. Due to the special position of standards in trade, foreign countries, especially economically developed countries and regions, try their best to compete for leadership and voice in standardization activities

after years of efforts, the industry has formulated nearly 50 standards for packaging machinery. Generally speaking, it can basically meet the needs of enterprises and reflect the overall technical level of the industry. It also plays a positive role in promoting the development and level of packaging machinery industry. However, with the further deepening of reform, the opening of the market and the continuous progress and development of science and technology, the technical level and quality of packaging machinery products have also been improved, which is an indisputable fact. However, we should also be clearly aware of the gap between China's packaging machinery products and developed countries, which is reflected in the application of new technology, appearance quality, safety, health and environmental indicators. In view of this gap and in combination with the actual situation of China's packaging machinery industry, what the authors of standardization need to deal with is that some standards need to be revised to meet the current technical development requirements. At the same time, the development of some new products and the application of new technologies also need to formulate corresponding standards. Through the formulation of standards to improve the technical level and quality of packaging machinery products, and improve the competitiveness of packaging machinery products for design and other projects; Through the formulation of standards to serve foreign trade exports, guide the adjustment of industrial product structure, and standardize the market order. Over the past few years, we have organized relevant units in the industry to complete the preparation and revision of many standards, some of which have been issued and implemented. In addition, according to the requirements of the former Ministry of machinery industry KBA [1997] No. 182 document "several opinions on the review of machinery industry standards" and the China Machinery Industry Federation China Machinery Industry Association standard According to the requirements of document [2001] No. 124, 31 standards were reviewed. The conclusion of the review was that a total of 23 standards were confirmed; five standards needed to be revised; and three standards were abolished.

the main problems and cause analysis: packaging machinery has no counterpart TC organization in ISO standardization organization, and there is no corresponding international standard. Standards cannot be adopted. On the other hand, the main reason is the backward concept, which has a market effect on standards Insufficient attention is objectively affected by the backward level of industry technology and processing and manufacturing. Generally, enterprises rarely put forward standard preparation projects, and have low enthusiasm for standard preparation, which can not meet the needs of market economic mechanism

in addition, the standard input-output mechanism is mainly reflected in social benefits, but there is no virtuous circle in economic benefits. Whether it is mandatory standards or recommended standards, the preparation funds are a small part of the state subsidies, and the editor in chief unit undertakes the majority. The standard funding gap is large

the standard service system is not perfect. It mainly shows that the awareness of standardization is not strong, the establishment of standard consulting service institutions is less, and the users of standards lack the enthusiasm to participate in standardization activities

over the past few years, the sub standard committee has encountered difficulties in one way or another. But a strong sense forces us to advance despite difficulties, carry forward the spirit of "pragmatic and enterprising", live up to the hopes of our superiors and the great trust of the industry, and do our best to do better and more work in a down-to-earth manner. However, we are still clearly aware that there is still a certain gap between the work of the Secretariat and the requirements of the competent departments and the requirements of the members and institutions in the high-end market, such as how our ideas and working methods can speed up to meet the economic requirements of the municipal high pressure resin transfer molding process field; Facing the new situation of market globalization, how can standardization work better serve enterprises and products; How to further mobilize the enthusiasm of all members and industry units to make the work of the sub standard committee more energetic and productive

3 key points of standardization development of packaging machinery industry

the task and goal of standardization of packaging machinery is to serve enterprises and the market. In order to improve the technical level of the industry and adjust the product structure. Formulate product standards according to the market demand, and formulate relevant safety, health and environmental standards according to the development trend of packaging machinery, so as to improve the transformation and upgrading of EPS materials in China

it is necessary to take standards as the carrier to promote high-tech and advanced applicable technologies that can promote the technological progress of the industry; It is necessary to revise and abolish the standards to eliminate products that are in the period of declining life, backward safety performance and technical level, waste resources and seriously pollute the environment

the key projects of the standardization development of packaging machinery are divided into national standard key projects and industry standard key projects. When determining the key standard preparation and revision projects, it is necessary to clarify the basis for the project, the role of the project in industrial transformation and upgrading and product upgrading, especially the high and new technologies and advanced applicable technologies that need to be popularized and applied and can promote the technological progress of the industry

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