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Overview of the printing industry in various regions of China (III)

▼ Zhejiang:

1/mainly private printing enterprises

2/it has become a pillar industry in some places

3/printing processing is particularly good at contact and lust is obvious: Hangzhou mainly focuses on publishing in the process of enterprise local coordinated development; Wenzhou mainly focuses on food packaging, trademark printing, wall calendars and notebooks; Yiwu is mainly engaged in famous brand clothing and sock packaging, while Ningbo is mainly engaged in stationery, paper and plastic, poker and mail bills

▼ Jiangsu:

1/the printing of books, newspapers and periodicals is mainly offset printing, and multi-color offset printing machines are in the majority

2/packaging decoration printing is mainly offset printing and gravure printing

3/commercial printing is mainly small format offset printing

4/most printing enterprises do not pay much attention to post press processing

the biggest feature of the printing industry in the Yangtze River Delta is that it has a complete range of printing categories and strong comprehensive strength

4. Printing category and main printing enterprises:

▼ Shanghai:

1/Shanghai printing group: books and periodicals, advertising business, financial bills, IC card base, electronic intelligent labels, packaging and decoration, and special printing. It is a famous large-scale printing enterprise in China

2/Shanghai banknote printing factory: the printing task of high-level anti-counterfeiting printing materials such as RMB, value-added tax invoices, bank bills, marketable securities, stamps, etc. it is also the only enterprise producing passports in China

3/Shanghai Jielong group: all-round printing. Packaging, publications, trademark stickers, carton printing, etc

4/Shanghai Zijiang group: various plastic printing and packaging products

5/Shanghai tobacco industry printing factory: high and medium grade cigarette trademark; All kinds of fine paper shaped packaging, picture books, samples, etc

6/Shanghai Zhonghua printing company: mainly manufactures high-end picture books, books and packaging and decoration products

7/Shanghai printing company of the Commercial Press: offset printing of books and periodicals, color printing, special printing, etc

8/Shanghai People's printing No. 8 factory: it specializes in printing famous brands, high-end export product packages, samples, large-scale advertising posters, self-adhesive labels, wall calendars and fine small and medium-sized packaging of foreign-funded, joint ventures and large and medium-sized enterprises nationwide

9/Shanghai Donnelly printing company: in October 2002, Shanghai Donnelly Printing Co., Ltd., jointly invested by American Printing giant Donnelly company and Shanghai Publishing Bureau Development Company, was officially put into operation, becoming the largest colorless and highly transparent self repairing company in mainland China

10/Shanghai Qiuyu printing company: it is a subsidiary of Qiuyu printing, the third largest printing company in Taiwan. Mainly packaging and commercial printing

11/Shanghai Xikou printing company: produces and sells printed materials such as packaging and decoration and product instructions. (Japanese funded)

12/Shanghai San Yin times printing company: plate making, printing, binding all kinds of books, magazines, picture books and various publicity charts

▼ Zhejiang:

① printing of books and publications:

main printing enterprises of books and publications:

1/Zhejiang printing group company: leading enterprise (base) of book and publication printing

2/Hangzhou Yingtian printing company: printing and processing of samples, albums, posters, magazines, periodicals, hardcover books/albums, packaging, etc

3/Hangzhou Fuchun printing company: a subsidiary of Zhejiang printing group company, mainly engaged in book printing

4/Hangzhou Changsheng printing company: it undertakes to print a large number of primary and secondary school textbooks from Zhejiang publishing company and Education Press, children's books from children's publishing house, literature and Art Publishing House, science and Technology Publishing House, ancient books publishing house, Zhejiang University Publishing House and Hangzhou publishing house; High end picture albums and Calendars from art publishing houses, Chinese Academy of fine arts and photography publishing houses. The magazines include: quality journal, finance and accounting, new countryside, popular TV, Shenzhen youth, Shenhua, Health Expo, early childhood education, middle school students' world, junior high school students' reading guidance and other 17 publications. Most of these additives are inorganic high molecular materials (such as amines or waxes). Now they have established business relations not only with publishing houses in the province, but also with all parts of the country, such as Yunnan People's publishing house, Jiangxi 21st Century Publishing House, Beijing People's Education Publishing House textbook center, China Legal Publishing House, Beijing Workers' Publishing House, Hubei Education Publishing House, Shanghai harvest publishing house, Shanghai Art Publishing House and other units, Business network throughout the country

5/Hangzhou Donglian advertising printing company: mainly commercial printing and packaging printing

② packaging and decoration printing, trademark printing, calendars, notebooks, etc.: Wenzhou, Cangnan, Yiwu, Pingyang and other places

③ stationery, books and periodicals, bill printing:

1/Ningbo Far East Printing Industry Co., Ltd.: a joint venture, a comprehensive packaging processing enterprise with a wide range of categories in the packaging and printing industry in Zhejiang Province. 2.5~4 liter cans prepared for petrochemical, grain and oil industries, all kinds of high-end export trademarks, product samples, packaging and printing, etc

2/Zhejiang Guangbo group company: main business notebooks, photo albums, paper products, plastic products, import and export trade, etc

3/printing center of Ningbo newspaper group: undertake the zero printing business of more than 70 kinds of books and magazines, with a daily printing volume of 1.4 million pairs

4/Ningbo Jiangbei packaging and printing joint venture of Shanghai No.3 traditional Chinese medicine factory: specializing in the production of all kinds of printed materials such as packaging color boxes, samples, calendars, elevators, instructions, etc

5/Ningbo Xinhua Printing Company: a professional printing company for books, newspapers and packaging

6/Ningbo Dagang printing company: a professional printing factory for books and periodicals

7/there are Haimao special printing, Yuyao printing factory, Tianhua printing, Shanshan printing, etc

▼ Jiangsu:

① book printing: from decentralized to relatively centralized. The number is reduced, while the comprehensive strength is greatly improved. In the early 1990s, there were more than 500 book and periodical printing enterprises in Jiangsu, but now there are fewer

major book printing enterprises:

1/Nanjing aide printing company: good at printing thin paper hardcover reference books, 1/3 of which are exported

2/Danyang Education printing factory: good at short edition book printing

3/Jintan ancient books binding and printing company: good at printing ancient books

4/Suzhou general printing factory: printing fine books and periodicals

5/Jiangsu Xinhua printing factory, Huaiyin Xinhua printing factory, Xuzhou Xinhua Printing Factory: mainly undertake the printing of primary and secondary school color textbooks and Jiangsu edition books

② packaging and decoration printing enterprises: from small to large, towards the direction of group scale operation. The situation is getting better and better

main cigarette label paper packaging and printing: Jiangyin Unicom Industrial Company, Xuzhou Dadong printing group, Nanjing Sanlong color printing company, Huaiyin Xinchao printing company, Danyang Daya printing company, etc

packaging and printing of main export commodities: Suzhou printing factory, Changzhou Pacific printing company, Danyang Zhongcai printing company

③ commercial printing: the development is booming. Nanjing, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Nantong and other places have introduced a large number of small format four-color offset printing machines

5. Development trend of printing industry: Shanghai strives to build a comprehensive printing force group with the fastest economic growth in the country. With the establishment of Shanghai packaging and printing city and the settlement of the Asian packaging center in the Yangtze River Delta (Hangzhou), combined with the supporting facilities and division of labor of the developed manufacturing industry in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai is the most attractive for foreign investment and other favorable conditions, strengthening cooperation within and outside the region is expected to become the most potential growth area of China's printing industry

IV. overview of the printing industry around the Bohai Sea (taking Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao (Jiaodong Peninsula) and Dalian (Liaodong Peninsula) as examples):

1. Total output value of printing: about 50billion yuan

2. Number of printing enterprises: about 10000

○ the current economic development of the Bohai Rim region is relatively behind the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, and the printing industry is also relatively backward

○ the ownership structure dominated by state-owned enterprises is still the characteristic of Beijing's printing industry

○ heavyweight foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises have not yet formed

○ the development of Beijing's printing industry is extremely incompatible with the status of the capital

○ at present, Beijing has listed packaging, decoration, printing and distribution into the city's ten key projects for the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries

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