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Summary of PVC markets in various parts of China in February

at present, the domestic markets that can affect PVC prices in various parts of the country are mainly concentrated in coastal and riverside areas, especially in eastern Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta in southern China; Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang in East China; As well as Hebei and Shandong in northern China, they are particularly sensitive to price changes and demand, which can be said to be a barometer of China's PVC market

in February, the PVC market prices and PVC petrochemical production enterprises all over the country have the same pattern. In the production of PVC products, including the early rising dial hydraulic universal testing machine and electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine, the demand has not significantly driven the improvement. In the first quarter of this year, the PVC ex factory price of PVC petrochemical enterprises cannot be significantly increased. There are several major reasons: first, domestic large-scale PVC production enterprises, such as Qilu Petrochemical, Shanghai chlor alkali, Tianjin three major PVC petrochemical plants, Beijing second chemical and Henan Canghua, have a relatively thorough understanding of the production and demand of PVC products enterprises in China, especially in the northern region and in eastern, Central and Northern China, In order to seize the domestic large-scale PVC products production enterprises, the above-mentioned PVC petrochemical factories have adopted the sales policy of direct sales to factories. The direct sales volume of several large factories has basically reached%, and the sales volume of regional agents is mainly concentrated in the southern region, and is gradually decreasing. On the other hand, most of these large factories have no agents and distribution products in the southern region, and the market competition with small and medium-sized PVC petrochemicals in the southern region is very fierce. The Northeast Manchuria port's trade with Russia and East and South China are the main import areas of PVC. The price of imported PVC in the Pearl River Delta and eastern Guangdong in South China directly affects the price setting and market trend of major PVC petrochemical plants in China

therefore, the overall increase in domestic PVC prices in February is very small, and the main driving force is from imported PVC. In fact, from the current flexible ex factory price (yuan/t; yuan/t) of domestic PVC petrochemical, as well as the dare not to significantly and continuously improve the ex factory price, and the dare not to manufacture PVC dynamic selling points, these conditions can reflect that PVC demand in many regions of China is still in a very depressed situation, It has not yet entered the peak production season

at present, the production of PVC in Northeast China and Jinan testing machine factory is in short supply. The import price of PVC in Russia in the Northwest has increased significantly. The lowest transaction price of PVC in Russia has reached 625 US dollars/t. South China, which imports a large amount of PVC from South Korea, Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries, is the main planner. Their US dollar quotation has exceeded 620 US dollars/t, Recently, the cost price of PVC imported from South China was mostly 6700 yuan/t in February. At present, Thailand, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North America have less imports, which has a small impact on the market

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