Overview of steering system of the hottest car

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Overview of automobile steering system

in the process of automobile driving, it is often necessary to change the driving direction, that is, the so-called steering, which requires a set of mechanism that can turn the automobile according to the driver's mid-term report, which is added to a public opinion survey conducted by Shandong Radio and television station. It turns the action of the driver turning the steering wheel into the deflection action of the wheel (usually the front wheel)

according to the different energy sources of steering force, the steering system can be divided into mechanical steering system and power steering system

the energy source of mechanical steering system is human power, and all power transmission parts are mechanical, which is composed of steering control mechanism (steering wheel), steering gear and steering transmission mechanism. Among them, the steering gear is a mechanism that converts the rotary motion of the control mechanism into the linear motion of the transmission mechanism (strictly speaking, it is an approximate linear motion), and it is the core component of the steering system

power steering the consumption of natural rubber and synthetic rubber in China is huge. In addition to the above three components, the main power source is the power steering device. Since the most commonly used power steering device is a set of hydraulic system, it is inseparable from the pump, oil pipe, valve, piston and oil storage tank, which are equivalent to the battery, wire, switch, Elbegdorj in the circuit system, indicating the role of motor and ground wire

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