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[Autobots] Ma Yun, the richest man, talks about the digital economy, which is more enlightening to the automotive industry.

for auto enterprises, what they get by using PC Internet, mobile Internet, social network, enterprise double micro and official networks is traffic, and the customers who come to the booth, exhibition hall and exhibition hall are also traffic. How to turn the massive traffic into effective customers, and then into orders and sales is the king. The traffic without transaction is all big deception and hooliganism

◎ author Niu Yilong

it's time for car companies to take "living" as a strategy

China's auto industry, which has the same fate as real estate, has experienced negative growth for three consecutive months. This year will be the scene of 20 years ago: during the 1998 financial crisis, China's auto industry experienced a rare negative growth of -4.19%

Japanese media said that the world auto market is ushering in an inflection point. The average annual growth rate of new car sales from 2018 to 2025 will be reduced to 2% from the previous 4%. There are two main reasons, namely, the trend of digitalization such as car sharing and the rapid slowdown in China and the United States in the two major markets

according to the data of ihsmarket, a British research company, the average annual growth rate of China's new car market from 2018 to 2025 was 2.6%, which was sharply reduced from 8% in 2011 to 2017. One of the reasons for this great change is the structural changes brought about by digitalization. World IT giants such as Google and apple in the United States launched an offensive through autonomous driving technology. In the future, the popularity of car sharing without owning a car is likely to become a reality

according to PwC consulting statistics, by 2030, up to 37% of people's travel distance will depend on car sharing and autonomous vehicle. IHS believes that due to the popularity of car sharing, the annual demand for new cars will be reduced by about 2million after 2023, pulling down the world market by about 2%

four years later, Ma Yun, who led the industry in technological innovation and became the richest man in China on the 2018 Hurun 100 rich list, has always warned startups to take "surviving" as a strategy. He talked freely about the development of future life at the mobilization meeting of Hangzhou to build the first city of China's digital economy held on October 11, which will inspire the next step of the automotive industry

"the United States is a city on cars, and China is a city on"

Ma Yun said that today Europe still uses cash, the United States uses credit cards, and Hangzhou people only need one to go out, if not, they can't even beg for food and money

70% of some people in China use mobile payment, while only 15% in the United States. Ma Yun said that in the industrial age, the United States is a city on cars, and in the digital age, China should be an interconnected city and a city on the Internet

Hangzhou is already living in the future. More than 95% of supermarkets, convenience stores, more than 98% of taxis, 5000 buses and subways in Hangzhou support mobile payment. Figures are profoundly transforming Hangzhou Baiye. Wanxiang, Geely, Changjiang and other enterprises are building cloud factories, smart manufacturing model factories, industry 4.0 model factories, and more than 74000 enterprises are on the "cloud"

with the rise of the digital economy, a large number of digital cities, digital car companies and digital smart car brands will emerge in China, and the Chinese people will take the lead in sharing the dividends and benefits of the digital economy

"not the real economy, but the backward real economy"

in Ma Yun's view, the real economy and the digital economy should not be opposed, nor will they be opposed. In the future, no one can do without anyone. Today, many real economies are not doing well, not the real economy, but the backward real economy. In the future, 90% of the sales will be connected, and 90% of the manufacturing industry will be connected

Ma Yun said that no matter Midea, Gree or Haier, the common ground of traditional enterprises that are living well today is the good combination of traditional manufacturing and Internet marketing. However, e-commerce, which facilitates the sale and use of their products in local end markets, is only the primary stage of the digital economy. New retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy or new data will impact all aspects of social industries in the coming years. Introduction to the key content of China's manufacturing reform: the first step is to move towards intelligence, make good use of big data, cloud computing and IOT, and realize customization on demand, which is combined with Internet, market and intelligent manufacturing

with the increasing electrification, intelligence, digitalization and sharing of automobiles, Chinese automobile enterprises such as SAIC Motor, Geely, Chery, BYD, great wall, Chang'an, trumpchi and other joint venture automobile enterprises such as Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors, FAW Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan are dancing together to make traditional marketing, digital marketing and new marketing come into being. They actively embrace the digital economy, take advantage of the wind, develop and move forward

"it's better to make yourself stronger than fighting with others."

for the current Sino US trade war, Ma Yun said that once the trade war is launched, it may last for 20 years, so we should be prepared for a long time. We can't decide the change of the external environment, but let him be strong. The bright moon shines on the river. Instead of fighting with others, we'd better change ourselves, cultivate internal skills and make ourselves stronger. At present, it's best to forget about the trade war and concentrate on your own business

for new manufacturing, Ma Yun believes that it is the perfect combination of manufacturing and service industry. There will be no pure manufacturing industry or pure service industry in the future. The future manufacturing industry must be service industry, and service industry must also be manufacturing industry

for car companies and car dealers, in the face of the downturn of the industry, first, do not be impetuous and turbulent, and what are the requirements for maintaining the frequency of data collection? Concentration; Second, we should bury our heads and build and sell cars well

at present, customers' car purchase is still a rigid demand, but this rigid demand may become smaller. What we need to do is to do a good job in products, services and customer experience, and you may capture the hearts of customers

"turning traffic into customers is what we really should do"

among Hangzhou's 9million people, 7million people have used mobile payment, and everyone's life is being changed digitally

according to Ma Yun, Hangzhou is a city with great opportunities. Hangzhou has tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of tourists every year. These tourists are called traffic on the Internet, which is the most valuable resource. How to turn tourists into customers, turn traveling in Hangzhou into consumption in Hangzhou, live in Hangzhou, romance in Hangzhou, and turn tourists into customers is what we really should do

for car enterprises, what they get by using PC Internet, mobile Internet, social network, enterprise double micro and official networks is traffic, and so is the customer flow to the booth, exhibition hall and exhibition hall. How to turn the massive traffic into effective customers, and then into orders and sales is the king. The traffic without transaction is all big deception and hooliganism. (author/Niu Yilong) [copyright statement] this article is the exclusive original manuscript of Autobots, and the copyright is owned by Autobots

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