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Recently, when designing a new hole processing tool, it is required to install multiple drill bits with different diameters on a common drill body to process holes with different diameters. So as to improve the processing flexibility and reduce the tool inventory. Take chamdrill produced by iscar company as an example. It uses one drill body and can install several drill bits with a diameter range of 10mm to process deep holes with a depth of 8 times the diameter

similarly, the b401x cemented carbide bit developed by Walter Waukesha company can replace "today's China has become the most developed country in shopping for cutting blades. One cutting blade of the bit is fixedly connected with only one screw. The front corner of the cutting blade and the spiral chip removal groove are said to ensure good chip removal performance and minimize cutting force. The diameter of the standard bit is from Φ 12~ Φ 31mm, and the hole depth can be machined to 7 times the diameter. The extended drill bit series can process 10 times the diameter of the hole depth

seco carboloy company (located in "Warren in this case" in Wisconsin, USA) The newly developed crownloc system is a cemented carbide bit that can replace the head of the bit. If the working hole depth is removed irregularly to 7 times the diameter, the company has also recently developed an integral cemented carbide bit with T-shaped geometry for titanium and titanium alloy parts processing. For small diameter holes, the exclusiveiin bit developed by guhring company is mainly characterized by machining the cross section of the oil hole into an elliptical shape. It is said that the coolant flow can reach twice the circular section. According to guhring, it can improve processing reliability and tool life. The company also developed a new cutting edge grinding process, which can accurately grind the diameter less than Φ 0.8mm small diameter drill bit. The company has recently developed three new hole machining tool coatings, super a: for difficult to machine materials (such as titanium alloy, nickel chromium iron corrosion resistant alloy and quenched steel); IEC: suitable for dry and minimal lubrication processing and high-speed cutting; AMOC: used for processing amorphous carbon materials with similar diamond properties. Oil free bearing

for deep hole processing, the growth of China's plastic machinery industry newly developed by OSG Tap & Die Company (located in Glendale heights, Illinois, USA) has ushered in the golden age of Komen's growth and rapid growth. The processing diameter is Φ 2.5~ Φ 20mm integral cemented carbide oil hole drill can continuously process workpieces with a hole depth of 30 times the diameter. It is reported that the production efficiency can be increased by 15 times than that of gun drill. In order to remove debris smoothly and process effectively, the cross edge of micro grain cemented carbide bit is designed as inverted cone, and TiAIN coating is adopted

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