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South China Automation Exhibition: machine vision has become the protagonist, smart logistics has attracted attention

Co located in South China, enabling smart manufacturing! On June 26, the 23rd South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition (iamd Shen) opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

driven by the upgrading of a large number of traditional manufacturing industries in South China and the continuous pursuit and development of innovative technologies, this old automation exhibition is still popular. More than 500 Chinese and foreign brands from 13 countries and regions such as Germany, Japan and the United States participated in the exhibition, presenting the international cutting-edge automation product technology 2, after-sales service and industry solutions

it is reported that the exhibition area of this exhibition is more than 35000 square meters. Combined with the manufacturing characteristics of South China, it is divided into six parts: industrial robots, control system and transmission technology, automation equipment and electronic manufacturing technology, machine vision, industrial IOT, AGV and so on. What are the highlights of this year? Take you to explore

industrial robots account for half of domestic enterprises. Thanks to the cluster advantages of industrial manufacturing and the trend of industrial transformation and upgrading, South China has become a key application area of industrial robots. Kuzaki robot, IAI, Jingsong, Luoshi, new generation CNC, software, stande, Longbo technology, Xiaoyu intelligence, Yangtian, Yuli, Zhongke Yuming, Shanlong intelligent control, erbidi and other enterprises competed on the same stage, showing the audience industrial robots and parts, intelligent logistics, automatic equipment and electronic manufacturing technology, high-end CNC systems and other industrial solutions

among them, smart logistics is one of the application highlights. AGV is an important part of the whole logistics system

igamatsu showed a variety of AGV trolleys, such as counterweight AGV, latent jacking AGV, omni-directional forward stacking AGV, etc. Among them, the pallet stacker AGV is an AGV with similar functions to the pallet stacker forklift. Its front has bottom legs, the fork tooth spacing is fixed, the structure is simple, safe, economical and practical. It is applicable to loading, unloading and transshipment of goods on national standard single-sided pallets. The latent jacking AGV, combined with the dispatching management system and the traffic management system, can realize the handling demand of materials below 1000kg in large warehouses. It adapts to various complex working conditions, with accurate positioning and high flexibility

stander robot has shown a number of mobile robots and application solutions for many industries, including oasis 300/600 products, which have loads of 300 and 600kg respectively, and can meet the needs of most customers. In the on-site exhibition area, the demonstration of application solutions such as roller docking + robot arm cooperation, pallet handling + automatic charging, skip handling + automatic access control attracted a large number of visitors

aicrobo also demonstrated its flexible logistics solution on site

machine vision ushers in a period of rapid development, and deep learning has become a trend.

machine vision is the eye of machine equipment, which involves various detection, recognition, positioning and judgment in industrial automation production. As a key technology for the development of modern manufacturing industry to intelligence, the demand for machine vision is expanding day by day

according to the prediction of GGII, China's machine vision market will maintain a growth rate of more than 20% in the next five years, reaching a market size of more than 16billion yuan in 2023, with an annual compound growth rate of 23.87%, which has a huge space

the huge market prospect makes machine vision technology and related enterprises active in the market. In the No. 4 machine vision Museum, enterprises such as konasi, Daheng image, genealogy, image, horizons, sunshine vision, deep vision, tuoshida, digital excellence, Xusheng intelligence, deep vision innovation, micro vision image, Huarui, deep vision intelligence, Chuangke vision, konshida and so on attended, showing the applications of vision technology, industrial camera, 3D detection, vision software and so on in electronics, food and beverage, pharmacy, robot guidance, automobile Printing industry, transportation and other products and technologies

at this exhibition, it was found that the recognition algorithm based on deep learning is becoming more and more mature, and some research institutions and companies began to try to apply the deep learning algorithm to industrial occasions. It was mentioned in relevant conferences held at the same time and on the enterprise exhibition platform. For example, digital technology uses deep learning algorithm and real-time image analysis technology to provide intelligent defect detection software and a full set of defect detection solutions without changing the existing hardware equipment of the production line. Cognex also demonstrated a deep learning vision system tailored for industrial automation

based on deep learning and more actuarial methods, artificial intelligence, big data and industrial interconnection will certainly promote the faster development of machine vision. Professor of South China University of Technology said at the machine vision and intelligent manufacturing industry development forum

automation technology promotes unlimited possibilities of intelligent manufacturing

as one of the six important exhibitions of the exhibition, control system and transmission were assembled on site at rock tennco Company and pactivcorp And other packaging production enterprises work as automation manufacturers with over dynamic technology. Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Celera motion, operation control, Zhengyu, leisai, Heyi, Mingzhi, Oude Shensi, Laogou, Lingke, Zhichuang, jukong, Lule, Hongge, Yuhang, chenyao, jihecheng, aisun, Lizhun, Shenpu, yourenlian, Shenwu, Xinzhi, Sankong; Taozi automation, Lule, Shengshi intelligence and other enterprises, with their own trump products such as servo motors, motion control, industrial computers, sensors, PLC, IO modules, TSN and other technologies, made a great debut, helping the manufacturing industry in South China

abb motion control, Rockwell Automation, Oracle and central control gathered in the intelligent manufacturing demonstration area

Rockwell Automation independent car intelligent conveying system attracts a large number of spectators. The modular and expandable conveying system supports independent control of multiple cars on one track

abb intelligent motor is equipped with abb ability. In the view of the above people, y smart sensor allows customers to check the operation and health status of the factory motor at any time through the app or page. Products such as intelligent pump monitoring solutions and intelligent frequency converters were also displayed on site

central control directly rolled out the architecture diagram of central control intelligent factory on site, and showed the application of different links of production and manufacturing from products to platforms and solutions

Oracle showed that it is best at Oracle ADW business data platform, bringing solutions for unmanned smart factories

application Park + multiple forums to understand the pain points of application and explore cutting-edge technologies

as the application Park Forum of Hannover exhibition, which has attracted much attention and love of the audience, the two-day forum continued this year. The two-day forum included enterprises from sik sensor, Daheng image, Horizon Horizon, Deutsche intelligence, stande robot, Chuangke, Longke and other enterprises, sharing the latest technologies in automobile manufacturing, smart logistics, 3C electronics The audience has benefited a lot from the application of industrial robots in several aspects

the activities in the same period are also full of dry goods, including 2019 smart manufacturing key technology standards and industry practice forum, 2019 global industrial IOT summit, 2019 China International Machine Vision and smart manufacturing industry development forum, 2019 two industrialization integration solutions Summit Forum Shenzhen summit, human-machine integration smart manufacturing future, motion control and automation technology seminar, etc. Senior technicians and well-known experts in the industry interpret a series of cutting-edge technologies, including industrial IOT, machine vision, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, etc

it is worth mentioning that the old conference industrial control Salon Hosted by China industrial control was also held in the conference room of hall 3 today, with topics related to industrial communication and automation applications. CC link association, PLCopen, Laogou technology, CoDeSys, Mitsubishi Electric and Zhengyu were invited to share and exchange

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