Machine vision detection and recognition of appear

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Machine vision detection and recognition of printing appearance defects (Part 2)

3 experimental results

the printing image collected in the static mode is tested. The experimental results show that (see Figure 2, figure 3, figure 4, figure 5). The above method is effective, and the simulated defects can be completely detected, achieving the desired purpose

4 discussion

it is of practical value to use machine vision recognition system to replace manual printing quality detection. This paper has made a preliminary discussion and attempt. Users who have not deeply understood the tensile testing machine think that the lower the price, the better. The next step to be solved is dynamic image capture and processing, and the detection and recognition of defects such as color difference and inaccurate overprint, which are much more difficult than appearance defects. In addition, the evaluation of printing quality is a comprehensive index, and it is also very necessary to improve the intelligent information processing ability of the system

Lu Zhen Xie Yong has no influence on the experimental data loaded into the experimental box of the impact tester

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