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Ma Weiwu, the king of paper bags, recalled the extraordinary years of Entrepreneurship: be down-to-earth

a few years ago, a song adapted from the Taiwanese song "love to work will win" was filled with new words in the old tune, and the Cantonese version of "win with both hands", which was popular in Hong Kong and Macao. He never complained about his life and depended on hard work all his life. I am Chaozhou lang. this song can be described as the life struggle of Ma Weiwu, the king of paper packaging and the chairman of LIGA International Group in Hong Kong. During his youth, when the price of such products (strollers) was high, it was also a great treasure in Ma Weiwu's life

Ma Weiwu recalled that he had not finished primary school when he was 13 years old, and his 9-year-old brother Ma Yuxiong came to Hong Kong with his mother from his hometown of Chaoyang and pinglimei to reunite with his father. At that time, Ma Fu was a general working class, renting rooms in the old building in Kowloon City. In the next few years, the Ma family moved a lot of places, such as Pingshi? Etc. Because I'm poor, I can't afford to buy a building. In addition to renting a house, my family and I have also lived in a public house and bought a stone house. Ma Weiwu recalled

Ma Weiwu recalled the eventful years in the 1950s and 1960s: because he presided over the revision of jjg269 (8) 1 "changing the verification regulation of experimental machines", I was unable to go to school because of poverty. In order to earn money to support myself, I reported that I was 2 years older, and my first job was doing odd jobs in big brands. When I first arrived, I faced more difficulties than young people now. I don't know Cantonese, and I can't have classes. I'm a young man and have a heavy workload. I'm busy from morning to night. I do the dirtiest and most tiring work, and I can't finish washing dishes and chopsticks every day

then I went to work in a hardware store, including food and accommodation, with a monthly salary of HK $30. Every day from morning to 10 p.m., and there is no holiday. One month, on the second day of grain production, I asked my boss for leave and went home to visit my parents for one day. Unexpectedly, the boss told me that asking for a day off would cost me three days' salary. Later, Ma Weiwu joined a printing factory in Kowloon as an apprentice. After work, he went to night school to continue his studies. In this way, he works while charging. A few years later, he left school and became an independent technical worker. He was appreciated by his boss and promoted to factory director

at the age of 25, he started his business with 9000 yuan

1970 was the biggest turning point in Ma Weiwu's life. He felt that being a factory director was ultimately to make clothes for others and work for others. With limited development space, he decided to do business by himself. This year, he took out all his working savings and set up Lijia company with HK $9000. At the beginning of the factory, he mainly processed cartons for customers. The company rented a 400 foot Tang building in Kwun Tong, and he found some old machines. Those machines don't even have motors, so they have to be operated by hand and foot. At that time, I was only 25 years old and employed only two workers. I was responsible for taking orders, making and delivering goods. When I was too busy, I called my family to help me, or I asked my old workmates who used to work for me to help me do some work after work. It was a hard time, but I supported it?, I think as long as I'm willing to work hard and endure, I can continue to do it without danger. Even if the investment of 9000 yuan fails, I won't regret it, because I'm still young, it's a big deal to start all over again. Ma Weiwu said

Ma Weiwu made a step-by-step progress from a small factory to a large factory. By the end of the 1970s, he soon built a 3800 foot factory at hung to road, Kwun Tong. Later, he successively purchased other units, more than 20000 foot factory buildings, employing hundreds of workers

it seems that young people in Hong Kong have participated in more and more demonstrations in recent years, and often have more and more resentments against the society and the government. Many college students who have just left school feel confused and worried about their future employment and future. In this regard, Ma Weiwu, who worked hard in Hong Kong as a teenager, believes that college students should be down-to-earth, practice their skills, improve their personal abilities, have a deep and wide range of knowledge, and choose careers based on their own interests and wishes. Hong Kong is a blessed place. Young people should seize the opportunity to develop themselves, rather than waste their youth doing something useless

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