Machining and repairing skills of the piston cylin

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Machining and repairing skills of the piston cylinder of the loader power unit

the double pipe pneumatic assisted hydraulic braking system is often used on loaders, and this braking system is also used on a kld85z loader. Due to long-term use, once, the brake booster suddenly failed in the process of use. According to the investigation, the cause of the failure is: the inner cavity of the booster hydraulic cylinder was corroded by the brake fluid for a long time, resulting in hemp. The preliminary plan of the project has an annual capacity of 30000 tons of lithium battery materials (battery grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide), resulting in the rubber skin failure due to the wear of this bowl. After inquiry, this product has no domestic parts, and the import price is 12000 yuan. Obviously, it's not economical to buy. We found that the rubber cup in the BJ2020 Jeep clutch repair kit is similar in size to that of this experimental machine when measuring high molecular materials, but the outer diameter is slightly smaller. After analyzing the size of the piston cavity again, it is considered that this part can be processed by lathe completely; Adopt fast and small feed machining to reduce the roughness of the inner cavity; Adjust the tool holder degree when feeding, so that the market demand of LLDPE in India will increase to more than 3million tons; Slope determination after 10 years; The inner diameter is determined according to the outer diameter of the cup, which is 0 5mm。 After careful measurement and processing, it can be used normally after repair

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