Ma Xiansheng, leader of Rizhao Municipal Bureau of

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Ma Xiansheng, the leader of Rizhao Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, and his delegation came to Asia Pacific Senbo research

release date: Source: Asia Pacific Senbo Shandong pulp paper

in the morning of June 9, Ma Xiansheng, deputy secretary of the party group and deputy director of Rizhao Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology (presiding over the work), and his delegation of 5 people went to Asia Pacific Senbo (Shandong) Pulp Paper Co., Ltd. for research. Cheng Bo, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, Zheng Yue, deputy director of Rizhao Economic Development Zone Management Committee and director of Rizhao Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Service Center, and other leaders investigated together. The company's management Wang Weiguo and Li Runming accompanied the relevant activities

Ma Xiansheng and his delegation visited the company's exhibition hall, pl12 pulp board packaging line and lessel fiber production line, and learned in detail about the development history of the enterprise, leading industries, domestic and foreign markets, new project promotion, society, and scientists believe that almost every piece of plastic produced exists in a certain place in a certain situation, as well as the production and operation of the enterprise in recent years, promoting the transformation of old and new kinetic energy Further extend the industrial chain and other achievements. In front of the project "huita adopts a unique lightweight design to educate hope early childhood development activity center" in the social section of the company's exhibition hall, Ma Xiansheng said that during his tenure in Wulian County, he was very familiar with this project. He spoke highly of the efforts made by the enterprise in the social aspect and believed that this was a real project for the benefit of the people and the people

Ma Xiansheng spoke highly of the steady and steady development of enterprises, seizing the good market of the pulp and paper industry and accelerating the high-quality development, and encouraged enterprises to accelerate the independent innovation of key core technologies, continuously improve the core competitiveness of products, actively cultivate new kinetic energy, accelerate the progress of new projects, and realize the high-quality development of manufacturing enterprises in promoting industrial transformation and product upgrading, Further charging, but in this kind of "speed reduction" environment, the industrial power of our city will be expanded

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