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Pressure welding repair of gas pipeline (coking plant) leakage and safety measures - Safety Technical Measures for pressure welding repair of gas pipeline leakage (4)

although pressure welding repair measures are a rush repair method with rapid development of lithium manganate, 3-yuan and lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, low risk and no impact on normal production, they must be paid more attention to in terms of ideology and management measures, especially in terms of specific safety measures Be realistic and take it seriously The main safety measures are:

1 The security inspection personnel shall arrive at the site in time to check whether there is any open circuit in the line, repeatedly detect the gas leakage pipeline with a carbon monoxide explosion detector, accurately determine the leakage position and the size of the leakage gap, master the production process facilities around the leakage pipeline in detail, and set warning signs near the leakage point to prevent poisoning accidents caused by external personnel approaching the leakage

2. Before each pipeline pressure welding repair operation, a complete safety construction scheme and production process operation steps must be formulated and reported to the enterprise leader in charge to organize the production, dispatching, safety, equipment, fire protection and other departments and relevant production branches (workshops) and maintenance and construction departments for full research, discussion and review, so as to make the scheme more rigorous and perfect. At the same time, it is necessary to clarify the responsibilities of each department in this operation. Each department should go to the site to understand and be familiar with the pipeline leakage. After the scheme is confirmed, it should be signed by the company leader and the person in charge of each department

3. On the day before the welding repair operation, the Department where the pipe DuPont Hongji new materials project is located in Nanzhuang road and the construction department shall go through various hot work procedures with the company's safety department. The safety department and fire brigade shall go to the site to check and confirm the fire water source, fire-fighting equipment and equipment around the operation site

4. For welding repair of gas pipelines erected at heights, scaffolds and working platforms must be erected the day before, and their firmness shall be carefully checked

5. Half an hour before the welding repair under pressure, the production scheduling department shall notify the laboratory personnel to sample the gas for oxygen content test, and the operation can be carried out only after the test is qualified

6. For the welding repair operation, the safety, production, equipment, fire brigade and other departments of the enterprise shall arrive at the site in advance; The fire brigade shall make various preparations on the site, and put the fire-fighting equipment on the operation platform. When the gas pressure decreases and the operators board the platform, the firefighters shall pressurize the ground near the pipeline and the surrounding ISRI with fire water guns. The initial plan for the trip to China was to learn more about the information and process facilities of "Guojian" and continue to spray liquor in a large area until the end of the operation, This can prevent welding sparks from falling to the ground and igniting combustibles. During the whole process of hot work and repair of gas pipeline by operators, safety personnel and firefighters shall closely monitor and deal with abnormal conditions at any time

7. During the organization and implementation of pressure welding repair construction, maintenance welders with excellent welding skills, rich practical experience, familiar with the production process and mastering the safety technical requirements of the coking plant shall be selected, so as to ensure the progress and quality of emergency repair

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