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The earthquake will accelerate the localization of Japanese Chinese enterprises. After the earthquake in Japan, there were many situations in the safety protection devices of Toyota and this experimental machine. The Japanese factories of the three major Japanese car companies, Tianda and Nissan, were forced to stop production one after another. The upstream and downstream industries of the car companies were affected by the favorable conditions of China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export to varying degrees. Since then, Chinese consumers, dealers and joint ventures have spent a terrified week focusing on the supply of core accessories. According to the analysis of insiders, the earthquake will accelerate the localization of Japanese car enterprises

in the past ten days or so, in addition to necessary rescue work, repairing plants and equipment as soon as possible and resuming normal production have become the primary task of major Japanese car companies. According to the latest information, Japanese car companies will gradually resume production this week. It is understood that Toyota has resumed production of parts and components on March 17 and fully resumed production on March 22. In terms of Nissan, in addition to the normal operation of Nissan global headquarters, Nissan technology center and Nissan advanced technology center in 2013, zhuiban plant, Kyushu plant and Nissan Yokohama plant also resumed operation on March 20. Honda will also recover in the near future. The imported parts can reach China in two to three days

with the recovery of production, in addition to the price rise of some Japanese imported models in China caused by the Japanese earthquake, Japanese domestic cars and some self owned brand models using Japanese parts were not greatly affected by the earthquake. In fact, the Japanese joint ventures and independent enterprises with Japanese background were able to avoid production stoppage, and sufficient spare parts stock played an important role. Last Friday, Dongfeng Honda sent the message to the dealers that the company's stock can meet the market needs for three months. Most of the goods of GAC Honda, GAC Toyota and Dongfeng Nissan are prepared in a period of 1.5 months to 2 months. Southeast automobile also said that although some vehicle parts are imported from Japan, the company has sufficient production materials and will deal with possible changes through the adjustment of logistics and products in stock

in addition, the strong support of the high localization rate in the overseas market has also enabled Japanese car enterprises to avoid greater losses. Yanjianlai, Minister of parts and components and Minister of exhibition and science popularization Department of China Society of automotive engineering, said that Japan is a country prone to earthquakes, so it is urgent to speed up the introduction of models and increase the localization rate of spare parts. Not long ago, in its development plan, Toyota also mentioned that while realizing localized production in emerging markets, when expanding the use of experimental machines, 1 operators must use the exhibition production according to the process specifications in the manual. Yan jianlai believes that in the future, Japan will mainly undertake the core technology research and development and precision parts production of Japanese car enterprises, and general production will be transferred to overseas markets. Therefore, the development pace of Japanese car enterprises in China will be accelerated

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