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English plots to steal oil from Scottish waters should surprise no-one - Today News Post Today News || UK News

FOR many folk in Scotland, it will come as no surprise – as now finally revealed in papers held secret at the UK National Archives at Kew for the last 40 years – that?Labour?ministers in the 1970s plotted to transfer North Sea?oil?to “English waters” in order to sabotage Scottish?independence. After all, London governments have used dirty tricks against every move towards independence, in every British colonyAuthorities in New Delhi and in Punjab and Rajasthan states said Saturday that they would not be able to continue vaccinations i.

The only difference between the 1970s and now is that a rattled Boris Johnson administration is more open about its use of the British state machine to thwart democracy. Papers revealed at the National Archives show James Callaghan’s Labour government set up a secret “publicity and propaganda” unit to counter the SNP.

Today, Johnson has been open about setting up a taxpayer-funded “Union Unit” at Number 10 to orchestrate propaganda against Scottish independencehis office said.. Laughingly, the Union Unit exploded when its members fell outThe same period., and the only Scot on board (former Tory MP Luke Graham) resigned.

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